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How to install printers using a wifi network

Most of the time, printer will be attached to a desktop computer or a laptop through a USB cable. This, however, isn’t your only option: you can also install printers and make them work using a wifi or wireless Internet connection.

Doing this will help us perform our daily tasks more freely and print anything we want from a portable computer, using the printer in the room. Unfortunately, not many people know how to set this up, but most of them have what it takes to do it.

In this particular post, we will tell you about the advantages of wifi or wireless printing. If you’re reading this post, you may have heard of them but still don’t know how to install one on your own, so let us assure you this is a very easy procedure.

You will only need a bit of time and dedication, as well as reading all the information in this post correctly and focusing on the issue at hand.

How to set up a printer using a wireless network (wifi):

Step #1:
First of all, you will need to have a printer installed and shared on a network or work group. While it can be connected to your own printer by a USB cable, it needs to be in a shared network to continue with this process.

Step #2:
Now turn to the printer you wish to configure for wireless printing and move this printer to a network or work group. You must do it even if it’s already connected to a wifi network, and put a name on it that will help you identify this is the wifi printing device.

Step #3:
This steps consists of looking for this particular printer in the network it’s part off. You will need to enter the start menu, enter the control panel and click on printers and faxes in order to find it.

Step #4:
Click on the add printer option, located on the upper-left side of the column for windows7 users and on the left side of the window for windowsXP users. You can also enter Networks and click on the “this printer will only work with operating systems starting from windows7.”

Step #5:
You can also get this done by entering the printer’s name in the network and making it print from wherever you are using wifi. The proper way of connecting to the printer is to type the following commands in the network’s window: \ \ computer_name \ \ printer_name.

Step #6:
Click on next and you will be able to locate your printer. Now, click on Locate again to configure this same printer.

Step #7:
Try printing a test sheet just to check the configuration has been made successfully. If this doesn’t happen, you will know the procedure has failed.

Even if you follow each and every step in this tutorial, something may still go wrong. That’s why we’re here for you, and you only need to post a comment in the section below this post to catch our attention. We will get back to you with another possible solution for this problem.


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