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How to print from an iPhone

Imagine how great a printing app that lets us print directly from our iPhones would be; this would certainly save us a lot of time when printing a document we’ve saved in our phone. We wouldn’t have to go to our computer and look for it before actually getting to print it.

If we were to find something online we wanted to have printed, we’d only have to ask our iPhone to do it on our own printer.

apple presents all these possibilities to us, making sure to reinforce the wireless connection capabilities they’re known for. This is a very simple and quick configuration to set up on your phone, and you only need to follow the procedure described ahead.

Configurations needed to print directly from an iPhone:

Step #1:
download and install the latest version of your phone’s OS, which you can find in the apple Store as a system update. In case you’ve already installed it, please check all the printing components are up to date. If you have to, please deactivate the printer’s fireware system.
Step #2:
Connect the printer to a wifi network. If you need information for getting this done, visit our post How to install printers using a wifi network. After you’ve set things up and connected your printer to a wifi network, make sure you’ve installed the Airprint program on your iPhone and that it’s fully functional.

Airprint is the name apple has given to wireless printers used directly from apple-operated mobile devices.

Step #3:
Connect your iPhone to the same wifi network the printer and the computer are attached to. In order to do this, you must click on your phone’s settings menu and then on the wifi option. Here you will see a list of all the wifi networks available near you, so please connect to the one the printer’s set on.

Step #4:
You must have an active printing app on your phone, which you can surely find on the apple store. Then, go all the way back to the document you want to print and click on it to get the printing process started.

Please print according to your own criteria. For example, you can choose to print in Grayscale or full color. If you happen to be called on the phone during this process, the printer will stop working until you hang up.

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