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How to print a test sheet on windows OS

You may have heard printing test sheets isn’t really necessary, but let us tell you it very much is. A test sheet is a way of examining our printer from our computers, and some PC’s and printer even have a special and immediate function or button that will print a test sheet as soon as we hit it.

For example, you could find this Test Sheet button on the front of certain printer models. If you have any special request, please search our blog for it.

This test sheet will give us a lot of information about our printer, even computer-related information such as where the printer is located in the PC.
in windows test page
in windows test page
You will receive a page similar to this one where you will be able to measure your printing quality and ink cartridge sharpness.

Steps to print a Test Sheet from windows OS:

Step #1:

Please leave your printer on and in fully functional status throughout this entire process. First, go to the start menu on your computer. The start menu logo looks like this, and you will find in the lower-left side of your desktop.
windows logo
Step #2:
Head over to printing devices on the start menu. This option will appear on the right column.
printing device menu windows
printing device menu windows
Step #3:
Locate the printer you want to print the test sheet with, and right-click on it. Select the Properties option for windows XP, or Printing Properties if you’re using a modern windows version starting from windows vista. Please take a look at the following picture.
print properties
print properties
Step #4:
Search the emerging window on your screen for the Print Test Sheet option, and click on it.This will start a printing process, after which you’ll receive a page similar to the one on this post.

As you can see in the picture, the upper part of the sheet will show the basic ink colors in your printer; the remaining text will be printed using black ink.

This sheet will be printed as any other, keeping the same margins and configurations. This will let us know how the rest of our prints will look like.

We recommend you print at least 5 test sheets after instaling a refilled ink cartridge in your printer. If you need to see more color on the page, please go to your Text Managing program and create a document with colored blocks, using the same colors on your printer.


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