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How to print using a single ink cartridge

We all know our ink cartridges can become damaged or depleted at certain moments. However, modern printer models have some configurations installed on them by the manufacturers or sellers that only benefit them, leaving us, the users and consumers, in an even more vulnerable position.

We’re being forced to buy new ink cartridges and disposes of the one we have, or having to refill them and having them restored so they can run on our printers. Please keep in mind these tutorial will only work con certain printers, preferable on the older models.

Some other modern printers have these same capabilities, of course, but we’re focusing on former printer models for this post.

We’ll now try to nullify an unnecessary ink cartridge, which has become useless for us since it’s now empty or its print heads are damaged. If the contacts on your ink cartridge are messed up, we regret to inform you there’s nothing that can be done with it.

For example, if we’re printing a document and the printer sends out an error message, saying the tricolor ink cartridge is empty and that we need to replace it with a new one, the printer becomes blocked and we will need to print using only our black ink cartridge. A small solution can help us set this up in our own printers.

How to print using a single ink cartridge in our printer:

Step #1:
Please keep your computer and printer turned on, as you normally would. In this case, we’re working with windows OS. Go to the start menu on your computer, and click on printers and faxes or printing devices.

Step #2:
Locate the printer that’s working with a single cartridge and right-click on the its icon. Then, click on printing preferences, and see a new window unfold.
properties of printing devices
properties of printing devices
Step #3:
Please select the Color Printing Preference option; both ink cartridges should now appear on screen. Now, select the ink cartridge you want to use to print, and tell your printer to use only the one you chose.

If you want to print using only the black ink cartridge, click on print only in black ink or grayscale. Sometimes, the “colored or compound printing” option appears, which means all ink colors are blended together to create the black one.

Step #4:
If you’ve ran out of black ink or this ink cartridge is damaged, we recommend you switch over to Color printing mode to help your printer. It will produce a dark color, very close to black, and this process will be good for read. You can slo change the font on your documents do the print don’t look as deprived of black ink.

*Please the ink cartridges inside the printer at all times, even if they’re empty. If you remove them from the printer and try to set them back inside, your printer won’t recognize them and you won’t be able to print.

*This tutorial doesn’t work on some printer models.


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