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How to refill HP 02 ink cartridges

Fortunately for us, HP 02 ink cartridges are very easy to refill in all their individual presentations: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. In order to do this, please follow the steps described ahead strictly and carefully, and keep your ink cartridges from all harm.

Even when these ink cartridges are easy to refill, we will take the same precautions we always take just to take care of our printer.

You will need the following ingredients to refill your HP 02 ink cartridges:

1. A syringe for every color.
2. Dyed or pigmented ink for the refill. For this particular cartridge, we recommend you buy dyed ink. If you don’t know what the differences between them are, please read our post The differences between dyed and pigmented inks.
3. A cloth to put the ink cartridge on. Please use a black cloth and place it on a flat, easy-to-clean surface to avoid ink spills.

How to refill HP 02 ink cartridges:

Step #1:
Place the ink cartridge over the flat surface and the piece of cloth we asked in the former list. This will make the refill process much easier and avoid ink spills from happening.

Step #2:
Locate the small orifice you’ll use to add the ink to the ink cartridge. Remember to do this as slowly and carefully as possible.
refill the ink hp 02
refill the ink hp 02
Step #3:
Please drill this hole in the ink cartridge exactly where indicated in step #2. Please pierce the ink cartridge with the syringe’s needle to avoid making too big a hole. You could tilt the syringe a bit to the side when applying the ink.

Step #4:
Fill the cartridge up completely and apply as much ink as you need to get this done. You must fill the ink cartridge is full by now. This is only a suggestion, not a norm, so you could fill it up as much as you want to.

Step #5:
Remove the syringe from the ink cartridge and seal it immediately. Use good quality glue that you can easily take off in future refills.

Step #6:

Put the ink cartridge on the piece of cloth just in case there are any ink spills. Leave this ink cartridge to rest for a long while; the longer, the better. Please remember to fill your ink cartridge up before it runs out, keeping the print heads from filling up with ink and causing printing problems.


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