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How to refill the HP 27 black ink cartridge

The HP 27 black ink cartridge is one of the best of the smaller models: its printing quality is closer to laser printing that regular one, and a single ink cartridge can yield up to 280 pages. Of course, refilling them will lower this amount, but only a little.

In all honesty, this is the only small ink cartridge that can hold as much ink as 15ml. Also , the HP 27 ink cartridge works with pigmented inks. If you wish to learn the basic differences between dyed and pigmented inks, please read this post.

As all other ink cartridges, the HP 27 black ink one needs to be refilled as slowly and as delicately as possible. This will help the cartridge’s inner sponge absorbs all the ink it needs and be filled up completely by it.

Refilling procedure for HP 27 black ink cartridges:

As usual when refilling an ink cartridge, we recommend you place it on a piece of black cloth that you can get dirty with ink, and then on a flat surface that you can get cleaned easily.

Step #1:
First, remove the plastic ribbon that carries your ink cartridge’s number and color. Some people choose to leave them on the cartridges during the refilling process, but we recommend you remove it entirely since it can activate certain components in the ink itself and make it dry out much faster than usual. This is why we suggest you remove it entirely for this process, and put it back in the cartridge after it’s done.
where to refill hp 21 cartridge
where to refill hp 21 cartridge
Step #2:
Now, inject all the ink in the cartridge. This particular one uses about 15ml of ink, which you must apply very slowly and gently in order to scatter it all over the cartridge.

Keep in mind this ink cartridge has more than one injection orifice, so you must use them all and inject ink in each one in order to spread the ink as thoroughly as possible.
piercing cartridges
piercing cartridges
Step #3:
Now, please put the label back on the ink cartridge, just as it was in the beginning. You will need all the small holes and the canals to stay uncovered, so the air can flow inside the cartridge and assure good printing quality. Do not leave the ink cartridge without it.

Step #4:
Place the ink cartridge back in the printer and let it rest for a few minutes before having it print any document. We recommend you print several test sheets before you get anything else done. If you don’t know how to get this done, please read the following post: . If you need more help than this, please let us know.

If your ink cartridges print blurry or not at all, we recommend you clean them entirely, which you can learn how to do by reading this posts: how uncovering the cartridge at home.


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