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How to refill the HP 28 tricolor ink cartridges

The HP 28 tricolor ink cartridge is known for its high page yield, and the great photographic printing jobs. Also, it uses dyed inks. If you need to know more about the difference between pigmented and dyed inks, please read the following post.

This particular ink cartridge, as many other small HP ones, needs to be refilled very slowly in order to soak the sponges inside it with all the ink it needs.

The HP 28 tricolor ink cartridge is compatible with the following HP printer models: HP deskjet 3320, 3325, 3420 and 3425, HP deskjet 450 portable computer; HP PSC 2105, 2108, 2110 and 2115; and HP multifunction 2210 models. An original HP 28 tricolor ink cartridge yields up to 240 pages, while a refilled one prints up to 180.

Here’s the refilling procedure for HP 18 tricolor ink cartridges:

Before we start refilling this ink cartridge, please remember to work on a flat, easy-to-clean surface, and to place the actual cartridge on a dark piece of cloth that you won’t mind getting dirty with ink. The darker the cloth, the fewer ink spots and stains you can see.

First, remove the label located on the top of the ink cartridge: this one has the cartridge number and colors printed on it.

Some people remove it and get rid of it, but we recommend you take it off and put it somewhere safe to place it back on the cartridge after the refilling process is done. This will keep the ink from drying out and will make the inner sponges last longer.

Step #2:
Fill all the syringes with 5ml of ink, each one with a different color. We recommend you use only this amount, and making sure the syringe is completely free of any air or dirt to avoid messing with the ink cartridge. Please look at the following picture.
syringe with required amount of ink
syringe with required amount of ink
Step #3:
Inject all the ink into the cartridge as slow as possible. Doing this slowly will help the sponges inside the ink cartridge absorbs all the ink possible. Take a look at the following picture for the proper ink combination on HP 28 tricolor cartridges.
where are the colors on cartridge
where are the colors on cartridge
Step #4:
Once the ink cartridge is completely filled with ink, we recommend you place the label back on it, as close to as how it was in the beginning. This label works with the drains all along the cartridge to make it use all the air necessary to get the ink to drop.

If you need help with this procedure, please contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post. Finally, place the ink cartridge back in the printer and have it print several test sheets in a row.

Additional notes:
Please let the ink cartridge rest for a while before placing it back in the printer. This will help fill the sponges inside it. You could also shake the ink cartridge, print head facing downwards, to make the ink drop even more.


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