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How to refill the HP 49 photographic ink cartridge

This particular HP Inkjet 49 tricolor ink cartridge was one of the first models made with built-in print heads, and is known for using dyed or water-based inks.

These ink cartridges are compatible with the following HP printer models: HP deskjet 350, 600, 610, 612, 615, 630, 632, 640, 642, 648, 656, 660, 670, 680, 682, 690, 691, 692, 693, 694 ,695 and 697; HP deskwriter 600, 660, 680 and 694; HP PSC 370 and 380; and HP officejet 500, 520, 570, 580, 590, 600, 610, 630, 635, 700, 710, 720 and 725 models. These accessories yield up to 400 pages.

Also, the HP 49 photographic ink cartridge is very easy to refill, and you will need very few tools to perform this tutorial and guarantee good printing quality.

Ink cartridge refill procedure:

Before refilling your ink cartridges please place them on a flat surface, over a black piece of cloth you don’t mind getting covered in ink. To refill these cartridges, you will need a knife that can carve small orifices into them.

Step #1:
First, remove the upper lid on your ink cartridge to make it look like the one in the following picture. You will need to use the knife for this, so please be very careful and keep the cartridge and yourself from any harm.
image where the colors
image where the colors
Step #2:
You can now inject all the ink in the ink cartridge. This particular one will need about 7ml of ink per color, so add them slowly. Be careful not to overfill the cartridge, since doing it can cause some serious damage. Take a  look at the following picture.
color position
color position
Step #3:
Finally, let your ink cartridges rest for a while after the refilling process has been finished. You can leave it to rest for up to 2 hours on the same flat surface you were using.

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