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How to remove printer cartridge ink from your hands

It’s a bit cruel having to leave the office with both hands covered in ink. If we try to say hello to a friend, he’ll mock us and ask “Are you a mechanic?”. As usual, we’re honored to share our secrets for removing these stains, which can stay on our hands for up to three days.

Our first recommendation is that you buy latex gloves for the next occasion, and avoid having to remove these difficult stains in the first place. Here’s a picture of latex gloves.
gloves to protect your hands in ink
gloves to protect your hands in ink
These gloves will keep your hands ink free in the future. We imagine you’re reading this post because your hands are already covered in ink, so here are some other solutions you can make using ingredients from your own home.

Usually, printer cartridge ink is about 80% water, the same kind we used for refilling the cartridges. The other 20% is divided in 17% of a quick dry agent, and 3% of another component that keeps the ink from drying up completely; the amounts are all estimates.

This, of course, is a huge advantage for us, since we only need to wash our hands immediately to get them clean.

We don’t recommend you use towels or napkins for this because it will only make the cleaning process more difficult. The more water you use on your hands, the higher the chance of removing the drying agents we mentioned, which act up as soon as they come in contact with air.

If the ink dried up completely in your hands, you will need to use a tuba bit of bleach on your hands to remove it. We’d prefer it if you used pool bleach, but you can also use bleach for water.

Please be very careful when using this product. If some of it touches your yes, your sight may be compromised, so wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you’re done with the bleach to remove it from your hands completely. Also, bleach has a very potent smell, and our skin could soak it up and be irritated by it.

Do not take this recommendation lightly. You must have soap and water close to you at all times, and avoid adding more than 5% of bleach to the water. If you choose to use add more, you may damage your clothes. Do not mix bleach and lye together, since it can cause toxic fumes that are very dangerous for the human body.

Another chemical agent that usually works well for this, and is even used for removing stains on clothes, is bleach, which is chemically called sodium hypochlorite. However, it’s very toxic even when used in detergents, and we don’t recommend you use this as your first option. It’s also called “lye” in Latin America and Spain.

Please keep in mind all our recommendations are based on personal experiences. If possible, we suggest you contact your physician before trying to remove printer cartridge ink from your hands, since these products can cause several secondary effects.

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