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How to reset the Epson Stylus Photo R360 printer

El R360 de Epson es una impresora de fotos con funciones de impresión CDR / DVD. Esta impresora puede imprimir directamente en CD / DVD con la bandeja especial suministrada.

Estas impresoras cuentan con EPSON Creativity Suite lo cual es un grupo de programas que sirven para escanear, guardar, administrar, editar e imprimir imágenes.

Utiliza 6 cartuchos de tinta para impresion fotográfica hemos conseguido por ahi el reseteador para cuando estas impresoras se bloquee podamos realizar el desbloqueo siguiendo el siguiente procedimiento.
reset Epson Stylus Photo R360
Epson Stylus Photo R360
Step #1:
In order to execute this restoring procedure on your printer, you must download a file and run it in your computer. We will not be held accountable for whatever harm this program can cause on your computer. If you choose to proceed with this procedure, you will be the only one responsible for anything that may happen on your computer and printer.

This post has been updated due to user requests. The original file uploaded to google drive can’t be shared anymore on that platform, so we’ve uploaded it to msn skydive. You’ll be able to find the link to this file at the very bottom of this entry. Thank you for your comments

The first thing you must do is download the file and extract it. You can find this program by clicking on the following link: epson sytlus photo r360 resetter.rar, and has been uploaded to google drive. This link is no longer working.

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Download the adjustment program for Epson Stylus R360

Now that you’ve downloaded the file, you will need to extract it. You can get this done by downloading and installing winrar, an external program, on your computer. However, this is only a recommendation. The next image will show you how to extract a file using winrar.
extracting the file to run
extracting the file to run
Step #2:
Once the file has been extracted, you must click on the program file we’re about to show you in the next picture.

Step #3:
A new message will appear on your screen, saying this is a free program. Then, you must click on accept.

Step #4:
In this next step, you will need you to mark the select option, located on the upper-right side of the menu. Please take a look at the following picture.
adjustment program
adjustment program
Step #5:
Another window will appear, where you’ll be able to select the usb port the printer is attached to. Here you must select the auto selection option and click on okay. The next picture will show you how to do it.
select the port
select the port
Step #6:
The name of this restoring process will be displayed in the model name are. Please leave the default destination as is, as well as the default port option that appears on the menu, i.e. auto selection. Please look at the last picture for guidance. If you have any questions, please post  a comment in the section below this post.

After clicking on ok, this menu there you selected auto selection will disappear, and only the program’s main screen will remain. Here you must select the particular adjustment mode option. The next piture will show you where to do it.
click particular adjustment mode
click particular adjustment mode
Step #7:
Be very careful when executing this step, since selecting any other option but the one we suggest can be fatal for your printer, and could delete its configuration and settings permanently. Please select the waste ink pad counter option, and then click on ok to continue with this process.

This will restore your printer and it will no longer say these ink pads are full. We know printer can sometimes say they’re full even when they’re not due to the amount of pages that have been printed on this device, but they will always remain full and that these could cause some problems in the future.
waste ink pad counter set
waste ink pad counter set
Click on ok after selecting this option...

Step #8:
Finally, select all the options you must, and then click on check just to make sure everything’s working well. After this, click on accept, then on initialization. Wait until the process is finished and, finally, click on finish.

Now you must turn your printer off, and wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on. The page counter that was saying the waste ink pads were full is not restored. Please take a look at the following picture.
steps to complete the process
steps to complete the process
Please remember you can always post a comment in the section below this post to contact us. We will always be happy to help you.

We also know you may be interested on this printer’s manual or user guide. Please click on this link to download this manual in Spanish.


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