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How to restore the cylinder and blade inside the sharp AL-2031 and AL-2041 copiers

These brand new sharp AL-2031 and AL-2041 copiers, created for small businesses, work very similarly to the sharp AL-2030/2040 cs ones, and have exactly the same page yield as they do. However, printer manufacturers make things more and more difficult with us as time goes by, and it’s very hard for us to save some money on modern printer models.

This also happens on every copier that works with toner cartridges with chips inside them. If you have this particular problem, please read our post to learn how to restore the sharp AL-2021 copier.

We’re also starting noticing that the cylinders inside these copiers tend to cause more and more problems with the passing of days, and that the restoring codes for them have changed on the most modern sharp copier models. As we can recall, these cylinders used to yield up to 15,000 pages.

Unfortunately, this is no longer true, and you would need to buy a new cylinder every single time one of them becomes damaged. Once you’ve read this post, you’ll be able to produce about 18,000 copies thanks to the following restoring method.

Cylinder and blade restoring procedure for Sharp copiers:

Please take into account that this is just an alternative to replacing both the cylinder and the blade in your sharp copier, which may be necessary if you want to maintain the quality these copiers are known for. You must also know this could void the warranty on this product, so please read the specific terms and conditions for your copier.

Step #1:
First, turn your sharp copier on and make sure the cylinder and blade error message shows up on its screen. You will need to do this regardless of the copier model you’re using.
button to make copies
button to make copies
Step #2:
The following steps are very important to get a proper solution for this problem, and you must execute them in the exact same order we’ve put them in. If you need any extra help with this tutorial, please post a comment in the section below this post.
  1. Press create.
  2. Now, press auto.
  3. Press create once more.
  4. Type in the number 24.
  5. This time, press star.
  6. Press star again.
  7. Finally, reset the copier and that’s it.
sharp printer panel
sharp printer panel
We will try to create a proper representation of all these steps on the printer’s own panel, identifying each and every location with a particular number. If you need help, don’t hesitate in contacting us!


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