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How to restore the cylinder on sharp AL-2030, AL-2040CS and AL-2050CS copiers

Traditionally, sharp copier cylinders yielded up to 15,000 copies. However, it seems the manufacturers no longer deem this amount of copies convenient, so they’re forcing us to change the cylinders much sooner than before.

As printer owners, we think these cylinders are extremely expensive, and we need to use the one we have until the very end to save some money and avoid buying a new one.

In order to do this, we must restore the cylinder in our copier to get 15,000 more copies out of it. This post was created to show you how to solve this problem step by step.

The cylinder replacement error message will show up on our sharp copier’s screen with this logo, telling us we need to change the one installed in it. The following procedure will show you how to eradicate this error code from all your sharp copiers.

Before you start, make sure the error is displayed on the copier’s screen. At some point during this procedure, the copier will stop showing the error message and remain in standby, but this is perfectly normal and you don’t have to worry about it.

Step #1:
First, put your sharp copier in service mode and proceed to restoring the cylinder. Now, press the clear button.
clear button
clear button
Step #2:
Please press the auto button immediately, located on the left side of the sharp copier’s main screen. Take a look at the following image.
auto button
auto button
Step #3:
Press the clear button one more time, and then press the auto one. The screen will now show you a few numbers where you must add the amount of copies you want made. Now you must ask the copier to make 24 copies, preferably adding two sets of 10 and four of 1 copies. You can see how to do this in the next picture.
say that prints about 24 pages
say that prints about 24 pages
Step #4:
Then, press the star button. The numbers will appear again, so please ask your copier to make 7 copies this time. Once this has been done, press star again.

After you’re done with these steps, turn your printer off and on again. The cylinder must now be restored. If you have any problems solving this issue, please contact us.

You may also be interested in the service manual for sharp AL-2030, AL-2040CS7 and AL-2050CS copiers, which you can download by clicking on this link.

Here’s a brief summary of all these steps:
Clear-auto-clear-auto-24-star-07-star and restart. The star button is the one you use to copy a document.


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