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How to restore the HP laserjet m1522nf printer

The hp laserjet m1522 mfp series have outstanding performance due to the  multiple tasks it comes with: printing, copying and scanning. This printer work with the 36a toner cartridge that yields up to 2,000 A4 pages, and can print up to 24 letter-sized sheets per minute. It also carries a USB cable with 2.0 speed, and a flat surface scanner.

Restoring this printer will reset all the functions in it, so you can solve most use-related errors and delete all passwords set on the printer by this procedure on it. It’s very easy and simple to do.

You should take into account that the printer’s name may vary in your computer: it will maintain its main model name and number, but it’ll be followed by the words “copy 1” at the very end.

Also, you must check there is actually an error message on your printer before restoring it. If there is one, then proceed with this cold reset.

Please read the following information to get this done.

procedure for a good restoration
procedure for a good restoration
Step #1:
First, turn your printer off. To do it, press the on/off button on the main panel, which is usually located on the back of the printer. Please use all official documents and information if you have them at hand.

Step #2:
Now press the arrow facing downwards and the cancel button simultaneously. The cancel button is usually market with a “C”.

Step #3:
Next, turn your printer on while keeping both these buttons pressed, and wait for the “permanent storage unit” message to show up on its main screen. You can release all buttons after this message is displayed.

Step #4:
Once the process has finished, the printer will display the “ready” or “done” message. Your printer is now fully restored and should be working properly. If it isn’t, please contact us.

You may also be interested in reading the HP laserjet m1522nf printer manual. Click here to download the Spanish version of it.


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