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How to restore the ink level monitors in HP designjet 90 printers

The HP designjet 90 printer works with HP 85 vivera ink cartridges, which come in the following colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta. These, however, are very expensive, and can cost up to $50 a piece. Fortunately, we know of a way that can help you save some money.

This printer’s resolution is of 2400x1200 dpi and works specifically with paper sheets that measure 19.5x11.9. Also, it’s known to have one of the best printing qualities out there.

This same tutorial can be applied on every printer of this series, including the HP designjet 90/90r/90pg models.

All this great features are included in the printer, but you should also take into account you can’t just refilled HP ink cartridges and have their printers work with them as if they were brand new.

In order to get them to work with them, you will need to restore these ink levels, since the page counter program installed on our printer is very precise and will not let us do this even once.

Once you’ve read this post, you won0t need any technical assistance from a professional, and you will be able to refill the ink cartridges you already have.

Procedure for restoring the ink levels in your printer:

Before we start, let us explain something that may happen after restoring your printer. It may show up on your computer with the exact same name you gave to it in the beginning, but with the words “copy 1” attached to the end. However, this doesn’t happen in every printer.

If this procedure doesn’t work out for you as we’ve described it in this post, please contact us by leaving a comment in the section below.

Step #1:
First of all, turn your printer off by pressing the on/off button.
turn off the printer
turn off the printer
Step #2:
Now, disconnect the printer’s power cord. You must wait about 40 seconds to attach it back to the printer. Please keep in mind the device shown in the following picture isn’t the HP designjet 90 printer.
power cord connected to the printer
power cord connected to the printer
Step #3:
Once you’ve reattached this cable to your printer and turned it on, your ink levels will be completely restored. You may also be interested in obtaining the HP designjet 90 printer user manual, so please click on this link to get an English version of it.


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