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How to use your HP 4500 printer via wifi

Nowadays, many things are changing. We now need to configure our printers to make them print via wifi. Fortunately for us, most printer brands have installed this option on domestic and business printers alike, and it seems we’re getting closer and closer to stop using printer cables at all.

This is why we need to tell you how to configure your HP 4500 printer to make it print via wireless or wifi network.

HP 4500 printer is the latest HP model sold in Latin America, and it’s known for its high page yield. However, some customers have mentioned HP has removed a try from the top of the printer from the Latin American model, and that the same tray is only included in US versions of the product.

Apparently, this is why there’s a bit of extra space next to the scanner, but this is only a minor issue and we will continue to purchase these product regardless.
hp 4500 united states
hp 4500 united states
In order to connect your printer to a wireless or wifi network, you will need a fully functional router and a bit of experience.
You will also need to know the router’s password, if it has one, to continue with the installation and configuration process. It will also come in handy when installing the printer drivers on your operating system. If you don’t know exactly what operating system you’re using on your computer, please read the following post to find out how to do it.

Wifi printing configuration for the HP 4500 printer:

In first place, you will need to read all the information in the printer’s installation manual. If you don’t have it and wish to read it, please click on the following link to download the PDF version. We always recommend you read it before doing anything on your printer.

Step #1:
First, locate the tool button on your printer’s main panel, and press it. The next picture will show you how it looks.
tool image printer
tool image printer
Step #2:
Browse the entire menu displayed on your printer’s screen, and select the networks option on it.

Step #3:
Now select the wireless configuration option on it.

Step #4:
Look around the new menu and select the wireless search option.

Step #5:
The printer will take a bit of time searching for all the available wifi networks in range. Please check your router is working properly and, if it’s not, configure it so it’s fully functional during this process.

Step #6:
Once the network of your choosing appears on screen, select it and connect the printer to it.

Step #7:
Remember you will also need to type your network’s password on your printer to get it properly attached to it, and make the connection possible.

Step #8:
Once your printer’s connected to your router and viceversa, please install your printer’s drivers on the computer. If you don’t have the original installation CD, read this post to learn an alternative installation method.

Step #9:
During the driver installation process, please select the wireless or wifi configuration. This particular method is an alternative to the traditional one of attaching the USB cable to your printer.

Step #10:
The printer must now be available for use on your wifi network. Keep in mind your computer should also be connected to the same network, or it won’t recognize this printer. If you need extra help with this tutorial, please post a comment in the section below this post and we will help you out.

Step #11:
Now, please print a test sheet using this same printer. If you want to establish it as the default printing device on your computer, please read this post to learn how to do it. Finally, if you don’t know how to print a test sheet, please read this other post that will explain it for you.


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