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Reset for the canon pixma mp520 printer

This procedure will help you restore your canon pixma mp520 printer. This time, we’re doing it by pressing a series of buttons on the printer, so you won’t need to install any drivers or software to do it. We recommend you follow these steps just as we’ve described them for you in this post.

The canon pixma mp520 printer is an all-in-one device, and is as versatile as the rest of the models in the canon np nseries. It has photographic print quality and great functions for domestic use.

This printer can also be used in small and medium businesses. It prints up to 20 pages per minute and can copy up to 30 per minute as well. The scanner on this printer has a 2400 ppp resolution, and is compatible with windows and mac operating systems.

The procedure to restore this printer is the following:

Step #1:
First, turn your printer off using the on/off button located on the main panel.

Step #1:
here’s where things get a bit more difficult. You will need to press and hold four (4) buttons on your printer at the same time. Here’s the order in which you must press them.

1. Press the black copy button.
2. Then, press the stop/reset one.
3. Press the ok button.
4. Finally, press the on button.

The next picture may also be of help, so please take a look at it. Keep in mind you have to do this simultaneously.
If you need help of this procedure hasn’t worked out for you as we said it would, please contact us by leaving a comment in the section below this post.
steps to perform a reset
steps to perform a reset
Step #3:
Once the printer’s on and it has finished a process it needs to do, let go of the first three buttons you pressed: the black-and-white copy, stop/reset and ok ones.

You may not need to do the #2 step, but we recommend you do it anyway and stick to what we’re showing you here.

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