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How to refill the HP 93 tricolor ink cartridge

This ink cartridge corresponds to the vivera ink generation, which was very popular in Latin America. These cartridges in particular were made for domestic and small and medium-business use, which refers to how often they should be used. Normally, these cartridges yield up to 220 pages.

After refilling them, the page yield can go down to 150 sheets, which is still a large sum if you choose to keep this ink cartridge and to invest just a little bit of time on this operation. Every color in these ink cartridges, such as yellow, cyan and magenta, must be refilled with 5ml of ink.

You must be very careful and not let yourself be led astray by the instructions printed on the cartridge’s label. The color combination on it is not the proper one. The following picture will show you the proper color placement for this procedure.

This ink cartridge is compatible with the following HP printer models: c3180; c4180; 7850; 5420v; 5440; 5440xI; 5442; 5443; d4160; 1507; 1510; 1510v; 1510xI; 6310; and 5420v. If you have any problems while refilling this ink cartridge, contact us by posting a comment in the section below this post.

Procedure to refill the HP 93 tricolor ink cartridge:

Before you start to refill an ink cartridge, we recommend you work somewhere you can clean easily afterwards, whether it’s a flat surface or a piece of wood. If you don’t have any of these at hand, you may use a piece of black cloth. You won’t be able to tell any of the ink colors you used to refill the carttidges on such a dark material.

If your ink cartridge is clogged, try unclogging it by reading the instructions in the post How to unclog my ink cartridges at home.

Step #1:
First, remove the label from the ink cartridge. As you may already know, these ink cartridges have a label on the very top, which indicates the cartridge’s ink color and number. Occasionally, people choose to remove this label and get rid of it, but we recommend you only take it off and keep it somewhere safe to place it back on the cartridge later.

This will avoid the ink from drying inside the cartridge and it will help elongate the life of the sponge inside it.

Step #2:
Fill each syringe with 5ml of ink. We recommend you only use this amount of ink. Also, we suggest you take out all the air that could be in the bottom of the syringe to avoid adding any of it to the ink cartridges. Please take a look at the following picture.
syringe to refill ink cartridges
syringe to refill ink cartridges
Step #3:
Inject the exact amount of ink we mentioned earlier very slowly into the cartridge. The ink application process should always be done as slowly as possible to help the sponge inside the cartridge to absorb all the ink. Please refer to the proper color cominimage for the HP 93 tricolor ink cartridge.
where the colors are
where the colors are
Step #4:
Once the ink cartridge has filled up completely with all the ink you added to it, we recommend you place the label back on the cartridge exactly as it was in the beginning. This label, along with the drains on the cartridge, work together in order for the ink cartridge to take the necessary amount of ink to help the ink inside it drop.

If you need any help with this, don’t hesitate in contacting us by posting a comment in the section below this post. Now put the cartridge back in the printer and print several test sheets. To learn how to do this, please visit the post how to print a test sheet from Windows.

Please let the cartridge rest for a while before putting it back in the printer. This will allow the cartridge to soak the sponge inside it with the ink. If you want, you could also shake the cartridge, print head facing downwards, to make the ink drop even more.

If you have any problems with this ink cartridge when you install it in your printer, such as blinking and other possible errors, please execute the next steps:

  • Take the ink cartridge out and clean the contacts on it.
  • Clean the contacts on the printer exactly where they come in touch with the ones on the cartridge.
  • If this doesn’t solve the issue, then leave the cartridge outside of the printer and turn the printer off for two hours. You can put it back in the printer after this time has passed.
  • If you still can’t reach a solution, just ask us, it’s very simple. Just post a comment in the ection below this post.


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  1. How can I reset the HP 93 tri-color cartridge after refilling it? What are the contacts that I should cover with tape in order to reset it?