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How to reset the page counter on canon pixma MP190 printers

The canon pixma mp190 printers are multifunction models created for home and small business use. They have good overall functioning and they’re very compat. Also, this device can scan, copy and print.

The canon fine ink cartridges this printer works with contribute to this good functioning, which also work well with continuous ink systems due to the large amounts of ink they hold and the lack of an inner sponge that could bleed on the print heads.

The great photo printing quality you can achieve with this printer stands behind these cartridges. On the internet, we’ve been able to reach a solution for restoring the page counter on these, and have come up with several different methods described ahead.

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How to restore the ink levels on canon mx300 printers

This particular canon printer is a multifunction model, created for office use. Also, it works with the canon pg-40 and pg-41 ink cartridges.

The quality on these cartridge is photographic, the printer itself is very small and has a high endurance. If you wish to refill these cartridge, look fo r post on how to do it on this blog.

This cartridge can print up to 22 pages per minute and copy 17 pages per minute as well. It scans at 600 ppp, and has a two-way lcd screen. This printer is compatible with both windows and mac x operating systems.

Common blinking problems in canon printers

When our canon printers start blinking, it actually means something and every kind of blink has a particular meaning. The following combinations are valid for the following canon printer models: ip1300; ip1700; ip1200; ip1880; and ip1980.If your printer is blinking in any other patterns not included in this post, then contact us so we can help you identify what the error on your printer actually is.

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If your printer shows three orange blinks and a single green one:
Your printer has a mechanical problem.

Solution: In order to solve it, you must know exactly what the problem is. If you can’t identify it or don’t know a lot about the technical aspects of printers, take your printer to canon technical service.

If your printer shows four orange blinks and one single green one:
Your printer’s waste ink pad is full.

How to change the toner cartridge on samsung laser monochrome printers

The amount of time a toner cartridge can be used on our computers depends entirely on what you print with it. Once a toner cartridge is empty, you will either need to refill it or buy a new one, so you must know how to remove and install toner cartridges.

In this post, we’ll try to explain how to remove and place a toner cartridge on samsung laser monochrome printers in the easiest way possible.

You must keep in mind that, even if toner cartridges are programmed to print a certain amount of pages, this will depend on how dense the pages are. For example, if you make the toner print several images, its lifespan won’t be as long and you will need to change it soon. The toner cartridge could even print a smaller amount of pages than the one it says it yields.

A bulb will always go off on laser printers when the toner cartridge has ran out. The most convenient things to do is to change it entirely. If you continue to use the cartridge after this bulb starts blinking, you could make your printer suffer.