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How to reset the PIXMA IP2770 Canon printer

This is a domestic printer that allows to print A4, Letter, Legal, A5, B5, Envelopes (DL, COM10), 4 x 6", 5 x 7", 8 x 10" pages.You can be interested in the English (pdf) user guide of this printer.

These printes use 210 Canon black and 211 tricolor Canon cartridges. Links to know how to refill these cartridges. It is possible that for resetting these printers it would be needed to get into the sevice mode of it.

Follow the next instructions to get into the service mode of the printer, after that download the following file and run it. Procedure to get into de service mode of the Pixma IP2770 Canon printer:

Step No. 1
To get into the service mode, first turn the IP2770 Canon printer off without removing the unpluging the feeder cable from the power supply. See image of the possible ON/OFF button.
ON/OFF button of a canon printer
ON/OFF button of a canon printer
Step No. 2
Keep the reset/stop button of the printer pressed and while doing so, press the ON/OFF button, too. It is the same button used to turn the printer off.
Step No. 3
While pressing the ON/OFF button, release the stop/reset button.

Step No. 4
The press the stop/reset button for about 5 times in a row. After that, reléase both buttons at the same time. It has to be done as it  has been said. If help is needed, please leave a comment...

Step No. 5
Now the errors have been eliminated as can be noticed by the turning on of the green button. Thus, the printer is already in service mode but the file still shall be downloaded and run.

This file does not to us, we are not responsible for any harm it can cause to the pc or printer. It is adviced to scan the file with an antivirus of your choice.

Step No. 6
Download the file and then run it. Follow the procedure with the printer on and plugged to the computer via USB. It is recommended not to connect another printer at the same time. If you connect another canon printer at the same time, it can damage the software.

Download resettng Service tool v_1074_2.rar

You can be also interesting in the user guide on how to reset the PIXMA IP2700 Canon printer.


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