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Eliminate the noise from the D1660, F2180 HP printers with EC0840001, C084000A errors

The C084000A and C0840001 errors in the D1660 and F2180 HP printers are really common, even more when these printers are out of warranty it means they are old, these mistakes are from factory.

We would recommend to get in contact with the HP support service, also revise if the printer is still in warranty time, with this error printers sound like if they were gun machines, although after this they print well but before printing well these printers make a fierce noise, it can almost be considered as getting broken somehow.

In the following post we will present what really makes the noise and also who it is possible to solve the problem.

Before continuing check if the printer makes a noise hitting against the wall where the cartridges are placed, in that case verify what locates the cartridges and eliminate the error. Since we can identify the error is actually the sound of machine gun before printing proceed with the solution.

How to reset the ink pad in the MP280 Canon

When we have a p07 error in Canon printers and mostly in MP280 Canon printers, it is because a significant amount of pages have been printed to even when having brand new cartridges this ink pads stay completely full.

Another case that uses to happen is that when having an MP280 Canon printer with a ink system installed, if printing too much, the printer presumes that the ink pads are full, the printer gets to identify those data because as it is known, it has a pages counter integrated to identify the amount of pages printed.

The first thing to do is to download the file that works as installer ServiceTool_V1074.rar. The printer has to be turned on and plugged to the computer; the computer has to be turned on as well.

How to reset the HP 21, HP 27, HP 56, HP 58, HP 22, HP28, HP 57 cartridges levels of ink

By using masking tape the restoration of these HP cartridges levels of ink is achieved. This process is necessary not precisely because the cartridges are not printing, unless the full drivers have been installed.

The truth is that these types of printer cartridges will not stop printing because the ink cartridges say this low, if a cartridge of this type does not allow to print after filling it,consider cleaning the ink cartridge.

What is the code of the cartridge that my printer is using?

It is very important to actually know what the code of the cartridge is, such as 27 HP black ink cartridge, known throughout Latin America for the number 27 actually has the C8727A code, previously, HP just put the cartridge number and also the necessary code but it was not given a great importance as it is nowadays since another case of HP cartridges with the same number has been presented.

For example the 60 HP cartridge both black and tricolor ink they both have the same number, which makes them a little bit hard to identify when asking for them at the store.

How to disable the low ink message with 21 and 22 HP cartridges

It has been said previously that the 21 and 22 HP ink cartridges are the best cartridges, and the processes of how to refill the 21 HP black ink cartridge and the 22 HP tricolor ink cartridge have been normally shown as well.

Those cartridges are rated for about 220 pages when new and 150 pages when refilled. They can be refilled about 5 times without a problem at all, or even more times if lucky.

Daily it is seen that printers display messages indicating errors allegedly ink cartridges are empty when they are not, but this is another case, e.g. Although drivers are completely uninstalled from the printer, this message will continue to appear.

Reset the transfer kit and fuser for 3500, 4500, 4600, 8500, 8550 HP color laserjet

Reset the transfer Kit:

These processes are really simple, there is no need of combination or anything like that, most cases printers have this setup on their menu.
  • To reset the transfer kit in 4500-4550 LaserJet, press the Menu button until the “RE ESTABLISHMENTS” option appears.
  • Select this option and keep on pressing this button until the “Reestablish transfer kit” option appears. Select this option and that’s it.

Reset the fuser kit:

  • Press the Menu button until the “RE ESTABLISHMENTS” option appears.
  • Look for the “Reset the fuser kit” option.
  • Select this option, then accept and that’s it.

To reset the 4600 HP Color LaserJet (Reset the Image transfer kit (ETB))

  • Always, after cleaning the roller of the printer, since it is allowed, a message indicating that a new roller has been placed is shown. When this happens, down through the options and press to select "YES".

How to reset the 41, 45, 15, 78 HP ink cartridges levels of ink

These cartridges work wonderfully, as it has been said before; these cartridges belong to the golden age of the HP printers. Thus, it is highly recommended, above all, to keep the printer with you.

These printers are the best printers not just because of the printer itself, but because of the cartridges that it uses. The cartridges mentioned in the title above give the best rate and performance.

The 45 HP, the 23 HP tri color and the 15 HP black ink color can be refilled; however after that, it is possible that the levels of ink shown by the printer are not the exactly the ones the cartridges really have.

To solve this, the levels of ink must be reset by pasting masking tape to some of the connectors of the cartridges. See the following procedure:

How to reset the ink level in 14 HP black and color ink cartridges

The 14 HP black ink cartridges (C5011DE) and the 14  HP  Cyan, Yellow, Magenta Ink Cartridges are normally used in  HP Digital 610, HP OfficeJet D125, D135, D145, D155, 7110, 7130 y 7140 All-in-One printers and the resetting process for the "D"  and 1160 series printers has been obtained.

See our post on how to refill the 14 HP black ink cartridge. After refilling these cartridges, the printer keeps on showing them as cartridges with low level of ink, issue that is known to happen due to the  combination between the  cartridge’s chip and the printer software.

How to reset the 8000, 8100, 8150 HP Officejet Pro printers

These printers use the BlackBlack HP 940 Negro (C4902AN) CyanCyan HP 940 Cyan (C4903AN) MagentaMagenta HP 940 Magenta (C4904AN) YellowYellow HP 940 Amarillo (C4905AN) cartridges.

Information on how to refill these cartridges is given in our post on how to refill 940 HP ink cartridges. After refilling them, it is possible that the printer does not recognize them and says that the cartridges are emptied even though they are full, on this topic a post has been created.

The process is really simple as long as the steps given in this post are read carefully and pay attention.
  • Press the “MENU” as many times as needed until the “SETUP MENU” is show in the screen.  It has to be done consecutively.
  • With the printer showing “SETUP” on the screen, press the ITEM button (TEMA in Spanish), until the SERVICE MESSAGE "ON-OFF" and then select "OFF"
  • Press SELECT to save. 
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Press the buttons with the “-” symbol in your printer and do not release them until the RESET/MAIN CONT message is shown.

How to reset MP198, MP276, MP258, MP496, MP558, MP568, MP648 Canon printers

All these printers have something in common besides the Canon brand, they are all for home or small businesses use. They give good quality and performance to the printings.

Another aspect they have in common is that they use 40 and 41 Canon cartridges that are shown in our post on how to refill the PG-41 Canon cartridge. All these multifunction printers and, all the printers with the same set of buttons, are reseted in the same way.

It is recommended that in case the post does not result as it can be seen here, please get contact us by leaving a comment in this post and we will be glad to help you.

The procedure  to  reset these printers is very simple, just follow the steps proposed next the first thing to do is to get into the service mode of the printer.

When done, take into account that the entire menu is in English, this is the same from the BIOS of the computers and to know some English is needed to surf these printers menu. From the menu, modifications that cannot be performed from the set of buttons or the computer are done.

How to refill the 662 HP and 662 XL tricolor ink cartridges

As it is been said before in the post on how to refill the 662 HP and 662 XL black ink cartridge, these ink cartridges are new in the Latin American market, which will just as ink cartridges hp 122 leave much to talk about.

All because of these cartridges poor performances. Keep in mind that these cartridges are made so the refilling does not work, that is why it is advised to inject the ink as slowly as possible and in just the amount recommended in this post.

When new, these cartridges support about 2 ml of ink for each color, which is very little, and also they are rated for just about 100 pages, it is advised to apply at least 3 ml of ink to get a cartridge better performance. Surpassing the amount of 3 ml of ink can cause damages in the cartridge.

These cartridges are compatible with the   HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515, HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515 e-All-in-One Printers. Often these and some other HP cartridges are made in two versions, the normal version and the XL version. To the XL version supply 8 ml of ink and for each color of this type of cartridge supply 4 ml. See the following procedure.

Procedure to refill the 662 HP tricolor ink cartridge

Before starting refilling, it is always recommended to place the cartridges on a surface that is vulnerable to dirty or ink spilling. Also, it is recommended to clean the cartridge, if needed, to get a better quality when printing.

How to refill the 662 HP and 662XL black ink cartridge

This is one of the new HP pigment based ink cartridges. These cartridges are rated the same way the 122 HP black ink cartridges were rated before in our blog on how to refill the 122HP black ink cartridge.

This cartridge only allows printing 120 pages, which is not really satisfactory for the user. Thus, we have done a post about the 122HP cartridges real secret, where the cons are highlighted. A lot has been said in Latin America about this cartridges and many other of the same type.

How to Refill 901 HP tricolor ink cartridges

The 901 HP tricolor ink cartridges are very resistant and rated for about 360 pages when new and 250 pages when refilled with 3ml of ink fo reach color as it will be shown next.

It is adviced to refill these cartridges before they are completely emptied. Remember that there is the possibility of burning the connector if they run out of ink and therefore, causing flashing in the cartridges after being refilled.

Please visit our post on how to take care of the cartridges circuits to learn how to take are of your ink cartridges. These cartridges are compatible with Officejet 4500 - G510g, Officejet 4500 Wireless G510n, Officejet J4500, Officejet J4540, Officejet J4550, Officejet J4580, Officejet J4640, Officejet J4680, Officejet 4500 - G510g, Officejet J4500, Officejet J4640, Officejet J4680 printers.

Procedure to refill the 901 HP tricolor ink cartridge 

Before starting refilling any cartridge it is recomended to find an easy to clean place, it can be either a flat surface o a piece of wook. In case these types of surfaces are not available, a piece of black fabric will work, too.

In this kind of fabric the colors the cartridges are being refilled with are not noticeable
In case the cartridge is clogged, try visiting how to unclog my cartridge at home.