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How to disable the low ink message with 21 and 22 HP cartridges

It has been said previously that the 21 and 22 HP ink cartridges are the best cartridges, and the processes of how to refill the 21 HP black ink cartridge and the 22 HP tricolor ink cartridge have been normally shown as well.

Those cartridges are rated for about 220 pages when new and 150 pages when refilled. They can be refilled about 5 times without a problem at all, or even more times if lucky.

Daily it is seen that printers display messages indicating errors allegedly ink cartridges are empty when they are not, but this is another case, e.g. Although drivers are completely uninstalled from the printer, this message will continue to appear.
The truth is that there has been a configuration of printers that use these cartridges in our system configuration.

Here will be shown how to delete this message that always appears when printing, a small message at the bottom right of our computer saying that the ink levels are low.

If the printer is actually printing, there is no problem. It is just that it's a bit annoying this message whenever we print.

The first thing to be done to remove this message is to access the Setting System of the Console by using the Execute option in the Start menu of the computer when using Windows Xp / Windows7.
first step
When this icon is achieved and open wrote in *msconfig*, the process will look like the following. See image below.
delete the 21-22 cartridges low levels of ink
delete the 21-22 cartridges low levels of ink
When this window is displayed, go to the TOOLS tag in the top right of the window and then disable the HPWuSchd2 process and the digital HP image. See image below...
screen possibility that is not equal
screen possibility that is not equal
When the process is disabled, restart the printer so the procedure take effect. In case these indications do not work, leave a message in this post. You can be also interested in how to clean the ink cartridges and how to open the cartridges at home.


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