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How to refill the 662 HP and 662XL black ink cartridge

This is one of the new HP pigment based ink cartridges. These cartridges are rated the same way the 122 HP black ink cartridges were rated before in our blog on how to refill the 122HP black ink cartridge.

This cartridge only allows printing 120 pages, which is not really satisfactory for the user. Thus, we have done a post about the 122HP cartridges real secret, where the cons are highlighted. A lot has been said in Latin America about this cartridges and many other of the same type.
These cartridges are compatible with the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515, HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515 e-All-in-One printers. The process to refill these cartridges is very simple. Read carefully all this procedure.

Before starting refilling, it is always recommended to place the cartridges on a surface that is vulnerable to dirty or ink spilling. Also, it is recommended to clean the cartridge, if needed, to get a better quality when printing.

Perform the cleaning just in case the cartridges have been refilled several times. To know how to clean the HP cartridges or its heads, please visit our post on how to clean an ink cartridge.
ink cartridge 662 brand new
ink cartridge 662
Step No. 1
In this step it is needed to have dye or either pigment based black ink to refill the cartridge. It is recommended to use pigment based ink. To know what pigment based ink, please visit our post on differences between dye and pigment based inks.

It is required to have preferably a 5ml syringe about most and napkins or a soft white fabric piece is needed to clean.

Step No. 2
Now proceed to release the top of the cartridge label indicating the color and number of cartridge. Sometimes it is seen that the cartridge label is left and just punched above it, it is not recommend to the durability of this cartridge and all other cartridges. Remember to remove the cartridge label.
label ink cartridge
label ink cartridge
Step No. 3
Use 3 ml of ink when refilling a normal ink cartridge, but when refilling an XL version like the 662 XL black ink cartridge, use 8 ml of ink. It is known that when a cartridges is refilled, it loses its efficiency, it is recommended to refill them with a 3 ml  syringe of ink although it surpasses the amount from factory but leads to get an approximate number of printings near to the number of printing when new. For XL cartridges use 8 ml of ink.

Step No. 4
Apply this ink S-O-F-T-L-Y through the hole on the top, when talking about softly, it is talking about taking a 10 seconds break between each ml of ink injected. the syringe must be in the middle of the sponge felt inside the cartridge.

Step No. 5
Place the label of the cartridge as close as it was before taking it out. Remember to leave the four holes with access to the airflow needed to print.

Step No. 6
Shake the cartridge with its head upside down with the intention that the ink goes down the cartridge, do not touch the connectors of the cartridge, it is not recommended since it could damage the cartridge or provoke the printer no to recognize it.

Image 1: connectors of the cartridges Image 2: head of the cartridge.
head of ink cartridge
head of ink cartridge
After finishing this process it is advised to do three (3) test printings. It is possible that the first printings are not perfect, however wait for a while and leave the cartridge inside the printer so it absorbs well all ink.

It is advised to visit this link to print a page to check that the cartridge is working well. Black color test page.

There is the possibility of following the entire process as shown in this post and have not results. If so, leave a comment in this post and we will help you.



  1. I have refilled my cartridges but it will not work until we reset ink cartridges. how to do that?? My printer is hp 3515 all in one.

    1. Hi thanks for contact me, what is the error you have now in the screem of the printer or computer?

    2. Same Problem With Me On HP Deskjet 3515. It Shows On Printer Display "BLACK CARTRIDGE ERROR" And It Wont Print Anything Unless Cartridge Is Changed With New One.

    3. Hi I hope, help you, i recomend check the conectors in you printers, is not only the conectors in the ink cartridges, please clean the conectors in the printer, i think you can fix you problem...