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How to reset the ink pad in the MP280 Canon

When we have a p07 error in Canon printers and mostly in MP280 Canon printers, it is because a significant amount of pages have been printed to even when having brand new cartridges this ink pads stay completely full.

Another case that uses to happen is that when having an MP280 Canon printer with a ink system installed, if printing too much, the printer presumes that the ink pads are full, the printer gets to identify those data because as it is known, it has a pages counter integrated to identify the amount of pages printed.

The first thing to do is to download the file that works as installer ServiceTool_V1074.rar. The printer has to be turned on and plugged to the computer; the computer has to be turned on as well.
If the problem is not solved please contact us. Do not have more than one Canon printer plugged to the computer at the same time.
  • Turn off the printer. Only turn it off by using the ON/OFF button, do not have to unplug it from the power supply.
  • Now press the stop / reset button and without releasing it press the ON/OFF at the same time.
  • Now release the stop / reset and leave the ON/OFF button pressed.
  • Press the stop / reset six times without releasing the ON/OFF button, when finishing pressing the stop / reset six times then release both buttons.
  • Now the printer is in “SERVICE MODE”.
  • Now extract the ServiceTool_V1074.rar file previously downloaded.
  • When having the “servicetool" running, proceed to go to "clear ink counter" and click on the “main” button.
  • Move down until finding the "ink absorber counter" and then right or left from the "counter value".
  • The ink absorber counter or counter box has to say "main" and the box has to be in "0".
  • Click on the button at the right from where the counter is.
  • The printer will now do a process and a little bit of noise, then will print a page.
  • A message will inform that the process is finished, turn off the printer and turn it on again.


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