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Resetting the TX125, TX135, T25 Epson printers

It could happen that the printer gets block and does nothing, when this happens o when the printer indicates that the ink tank is full, normally this uses to happen with the Epson printers with a continuous ink system what you have to do is to reset the pages counter.

Let’s say that it is not true that the ink tank is full, but you have indeed printed the quantity of pages for this to happen, as said before the printer has a continuous ink system and many pages and so because of the amount of printings the printer considers that the ink tank is full and so gets blocked to perform maintenance.

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The maintenance is now not available using the warranty because the quantity of pages indicates that enough work has been done and so the warranty time is already due.

How to download the Canon driver from the Internet

Whether you lost the installation CD of your Canon printer or simply the printer was a gift but there was not installing CD, and you need to install the drivers.

The drivers are just a program that allows to proceed with the peripheral in this case it is a hardware “the printer” to obtain the front end allowing to use the printer, either scanning, printing, faxing and tasks you can do with your printer from the computer after installing and setting it up.

We have already seen how to install the drivers from a web page of HP equipment and how to download Lexmark drivers for printers from the web and now it is Canon time.

How to refill the 17 Lexmark black ink cartridge

The 17 Lexmark black ink cartridges are ink cartridges that perform really well in comparison to their price, these ink cartridges are rated for about 190 pages when new and 170 pages when refilled, as it can be seen there is not a big difference in quantity of pages since they have a very resistant sponge.

These cartridges are compatible with i3 / X74 / X75 / X1100 / X1200 / X2200 / Z13 / Z23 / Z25 / Z33 / Z35 / Z500 / Z600 printer and can be refilled about 5 times still having the same quality.

These Lexmark ink cartridges can be refilled with the same type of ink used for the HP and Canon cartridges they are not demanding when talking about ink.

How to refill the 27 tricolor Lexmark ink cartridges

The 27 tricolor Lexmark ink cartridges are ink cartridges of really good performance in comparison with their price, these ink cartridges are rated for about 160 pages when new and 150 pages after being refilled. As it can be seen there is not a big difference in quantity of pages since they have a very resistant sponge.

These cartridges are compatible with i3 / X74 / X75 / X1100 / X1200 / X2200 / Z13 / Z23 / Z25 / Z33 / Z35 / Z500 / Z600 printers and can be refilled about 5 times still having the same quality.
When buying these cartridges be sure to specify that they are Lexmark because there are also 27 HP Ink cartridges which you can see how to refill them.

Free drivers of the HP PSC 1400 All-in-One printer

In the following post we will give users all the information related to the HP PSC 1400 All-in-One printer, this printer can be cataloged as one of those printers you should not get rid of, even when it is old and its importance is not taken into account it really deserves the best place in your office or at home.

This is a multifunction printer that allows you to print, scan and copy, as it is known we are always explaining the importance of the cartridges the printer uses, in this case we have listed the 21 y 22 HP cartridges in our post on how to refill the 21 HP black ink cartridge and how to refill the 21 HP tricolor ink cartridge as the best ink cartridges and corresponding to the Golden age of the HP cartridges.

How to reset the TX300F Epson Stylus Office printer

The TX300F Epson Stylus Office printers print, copy, scan and send/receive faxes without needing a computer, with this printer you can see images before printing them thanks to a touch screen in its front part, it prints up to 31 ppm in black and 15 ppm in color it has a great ease of use and quick to install.

This printer has a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and supports Letter, Legal (21,6 x 35,6 cm), A4, B5, A5, A6, report, executive, statement sizes, user-defined: (8.9 to 21.6 cm) x (8.9 to 111 , 7cm) envelopes: No. 10, DL, C6, it is compatible with Windows® 2000, XP, XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows Vista™ Macintosh USB Macintosh® OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.x, 10.5.x operative systems uses two types of ink cartridges for the black ink cartridges, normal and high capacity cartridges.

The following are some of  the numbers of the black and color ink cartridges it uses:

Epson 73N (T073120-AL) Black ink cartridge
Epson 73HN (Alta Capacidad) (T073120H-AL) Black ink cartridge
Epson 73N (T073220-AL) Cyan ink cartridge
Epson 73N (T073320-AL) Magenta ink cartridge
Epson 73N (T073420-AL) Yellow ink cartridge

Eliminate full wasted ink pad in MX360 Canon PIXMA printers

This printer is really affordable and easy to use, it is for domestic and micro enterprises use. Many of these printers have been marketed in Latin America with proper functioning and up to now good performance in working with this all in one printer you can print, scan, send and receive faxes and copy.

These printer are really recommended for continuous ink systems since they use FINE Canon ink cartridges with with Japanese manufacture of cartridges which support a large amount of ink inside without spilling.

Reset the TX600FW Epson Stylus Office printer

From All in One multifunction Epson printers this one is the most complete of all, it has good design and appearance to place it anywhere at home or in the office, this multifunctional printer does 5 tasks such as printing, scanning, copying, faxing and printing photographs.

This printer can be used without a computer since it is setup via WiFi and it can be asked to print by using your cellphone or plugging your camera memory card to the printer connectors. This printer has a 2.5" screen in which you can see the pictures you are going to print and also you can even crop the images before printing.

This printer prints about 38 pages per minute whether black o in color, it has a 48 bits and 2400 x 2400 dpi scanner.  It prints in Letter, Legal (21,6 x 35,6cm), A4, B5, A5, A6, report, executive, statement sizes, user-defined: (8.9 to 21.6 cm) x (8.9 to 111 , 7cm) envelopes: No. 10, DL, C6, the input tray supports about 100 pages and up to 10 envelopes.

It is compatible with Windows® Vista®, XP, XP Professional x64 y 2000 Macintosh USB Macintosh® OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.11 y 10.5.x operative systems and uses the following ink cartridges.
103 (T103120) Epson Black ink cartridge
103 (T103220) Epson Cyan ink cartridge
103 (T103320) Epson Magenta ink cartridge
103 (T103420) Epson Yellow ink cartridge

How to reset the 670 Epson Stylus Color  printer

This next printer we are going to work on is a good printer, the resetting process is very simple to do so some combinations of the printer main buttons are needed, it is not needed to download files neither installing them. Follow the process carefully, in case of having questions leave a comment.

  • Turn off the printer, just turn it off but leave it plugged to the power supply cable.
  • Then with the printer off press the "load/eject" and "cleaning" buttons while turning on the printer. Do not release the "load/eject" and "cleaning" buttons until the "load/eject" LED flashes during 2 seconds.

Free Driver for SX215 Epson Stylus printer

The SX215 Epson Stylus printer has individual cartridges, these ink cartridges provides better performances and become economic when changing the cartridge since the cartridge that is not printing can be changed without changing the others.

This printer can be defined as an elegant Epson All in One printer, due to its design this printer can be placed in any  part of your room, whether at home or in the office. With the SX215 Stylus you can print  really good photographs even without using the computer since this printer counts with a innovative system that allows printing from a cellphone.

Eliminate the E08 error in MP250 Canon PIXMA printer

The MP250 Canon PIXMA printer is an all in one printer for domestic and micro enterprises uses it counts with a photographic like quality and cartridges rated to save and last.

This printer uses 210 and 211 Canon cartridges which you get to know how to refill them and raise the amount of money saved. The biggest advantage of these printers is that thanks to their highly resistant cartridges with made in Japan cartridges, thanks to these cartridges the printer has been really successful in Latin America with continuous ink systems installations.

The installing system is compatible with the Windows Vista, Vista SP1 (1 GHz, 512 MB de RAM processor) / Windows XP SP2, SP3 y Windows 2000 Professional SP4 platforms. You can print the Rear Tray: A4, B5, A5, Letter, Legal, Envelopes (DL size, Commercial 10), 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 20 x 25 cm sizes.

The procedure to reset the MP250 Canon PIXMA printer starts with knowing that the printer must be plugged to the computer and there cannot be another printer plugged at the same time.

How to refill a 10 Kodak cartridge

The Kodak cartridges with a highly regarded quality, however there is a shortage of these cartridges in the market, when finding one they are really expensive.

Nowadays we are looking for alternatives to focus on saving money and survive better with less, if one day someone says these cartridges cannot be refilled do not believe it, from now on we will show the procedure that works to refill the ink these ink cartridges.

Let’s start by looking for the refilling ink, generic ink can be used to refill these cartridges, that ink can be obtained in any refilling store. Apply water based ink until otherwise stated.

How to reset MP220 Canon Pixma printer

The Canon multifunction printer is for domestic and micro enterprises uses, these printers can scan, print and copy.

Photographic quality and great performance can be obtained from these printers, they are compatible with the Windows and Mac OS X operative systems and use PG-40 black and PG-41 tricolor ink cartridges, these cartridges are easily fulfilled you can see it in our post on how to refill the PG-40 Canon black ink cartridge and how to refill the PG-41 Canon tricolor ink cartridge.

The next step is to reset the pages counter or the ink deposits of the printer. The printer can get blocked or not allowing to print when it is being used with ink systems o when the cartridges have been changed a considerably amount of times, the printer as it is known has a pages counter indicating to what amount of pages the pads and sponges do not have an optimus state to work.

When resetting the counter the printer will allow us to print many more pages in the future. This process is very simple and can be done from the own buttons of the printer in the front panel.

How to reset the Tx730wd Epson printer

The Tx730wd Epson printer gives the possibility to print from your cellphone, iPad and of course your computer, its main characteristic is how much compact it is, with this printer you can scan, print and copy.

Its sleek design gives us the chance to place it anywhere in our office or house, it is usually for micro enterprises and domestic uses.

Besides with this printer there can be direct printing on CDs/DVDs and print 4"X6" pictures in less than 10 seconds.

This printer counts with a 2.5" touch screen and with individual color ink cartridges that make able to change the one we need. This printer uses the following ink cartridges rated for about 500 to 800 pages per cartridge. Depending on the cartridges and the use given to them.

82N Epson Black ink Cartridge
82N Epson Cyan ink cartridge
82N Epson Magenta ink Cartridge
82N Epson Yellow ink Cartridge
82N Epson Light Cyan ink Cartridge
82N Epson Light Magenta ink Cartridge

Next we will present the procedure to reset this printer, normally this is needed when there has been too much printing with it even over the odds, thus it is something common to happen, actually what we will do is to get into the printer settings and by using a program tell the printer that it not really printed the amount of pages stored in its memory.

Errors and sub-errors of Sharp AL-2030, AL-2040CS, AL-2050CS photocopiers

With this post we will be able to identify a wide range of errors in Sharp photocopiers, as well as finding a possible solution.

If you need any kind of solution get in contact with us by leaving a comment and we will do everything in our hands to post a solution that meets your need.

How to solve the Cleaning Impossible or Error 46 in Brother Printers

We already know how to clean the heads in Brother printers, and we know that these printers automatically perform this head cleaning as well when printing.

When turning on the printer also perform a head cleaning but sometimes it does not due to some bottlenecks in its settings and then the Error 46 shows up we have done a previous presentation on how to solve the Error 46 in Brother printers, the fact is that we found this other method that works for some Brother printers and the most options we have the better chances to get a solution for this error.

The process is simple and works 100% of the times in case it does not totally work get in contact with us or visit the other post about this same error.

To solve this error it is needed to reset the printing counter of the Brother printer and the following procedure is what will solve this issue.

You can use this resetting process in any other Brother printer but there is no guarantee it will work however from doing nothing better is to give it a try.

How to do a factory like reset to 4500 Hp Officejet printer

There are occasions in which this type of printers just stay doing nothing,  we sent to scan but it doesn’t, we try to send a fax but it doesn’t either or we just want to print but the printer shows errors in the cartridges.

When resetting the printer hardware or as we can call it "hard reset" these printers are set up as they were the first day we use them, we even have to go into printer settings and set a different default printer because even the name has changed, usually just add (copy 1) in front.

The  4500 Officejet printers are printers that use 901 cartridges which we have already posted how to refill a 901 HP black ink cartridge and how to refill a 901 HP tri color ink cartridge, note that it is advisable to refill these cartridges since they are really expensive, the most expensive ones of their kind nowadays.

If the printer is given us problems It is worthy to try to fix it because of the cartridges performance and the functions that can be done with this one, so much so that it is the first domestic use printer which can be configured through a wireless network.

Something that cannot be repaired unless you are a technician is when 4500 HP officejet printers begin to crash into the wall on the right side where the cartridges are placed.

How to clean the head of the Brother printer

Our Brother printers clean the printing heads as many times as needed while it is printing, it could happen that at any time the printer is not printing well, either because the colors are not working out as needed, or not working out at all.

The cleaning of the head of the cartridges can be done in separate ways the black ones as the tricolor ones depending on the need.

It is advised not to clean the heads many times since this wastes lots of ink that is not actually being used. About the Brother printer we have always considered them as the most compact printers in the market and since they are characterized by the multifunction printers, here is where they manufacture the best machines, almost all of these printers have scanning, copying and printing functions.