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How to clean the head of the Brother printer

Our Brother printers clean the printing heads as many times as needed while it is printing, it could happen that at any time the printer is not printing well, either because the colors are not working out as needed, or not working out at all.

The cleaning of the head of the cartridges can be done in separate ways the black ones as the tricolor ones depending on the need.

It is advised not to clean the heads many times since this wastes lots of ink that is not actually being used. About the Brother printer we have always considered them as the most compact printers in the market and since they are characterized by the multifunction printers, here is where they manufacture the best machines, almost all of these printers have scanning, copying and printing functions.
The fact of being so compact can be a problem since there is not access to the cartridges without opening the printer, not everyone can open a Brother printer, it is really complicated to open it by the way.

This issue can be a problem when the ink heads clogged and we have to fix it, thanks to the development of the Brother can make a head cleaning without having to open or unclog the printer completely, keep in mind that always before working on a printer head is convenient to contact the support service of the manufacturer of the printer.

It is possible for you to get a new printer if it is still in warranty time to do so it is needed to meet their standards and the main thing is never to use generic cartridges or try to install a system of continuous ink to the printer, if that is the case keep on reading to see if you can get a solution in this publication.

Do the procedure just as shown next, it is easy and the solution will be achieved by using only the printer keys in the front panel.

If the printer has an "INK" button at the front press it, in case there is not that button follow the next process.

  • Press "Menu"
  • Now use the surfing keys of the Brother printer these are the ones indicating UP or DOWN and look for the "INK" option.
  • When getting to this option press "OK"
  • When in this option continue surfing up or down and select "Cleaning" it could be in Spanish and it would say clean.
  • Press "OK"
  • An option will be displayed in which you can choose between clean the black or to clean the colors as well as selecting the option “ALL”
  • Press "OK"

In case your printer has a tactile screen it means the printer instead of having buttons has a touch screen. You have to follow the next procedure.

Press Ink that it is possible that in our screen looks like the following image.
  • Then select “Cleaning”
  • After that select the ”Black or Color cartridge depending on your need.”

This post is compatible with the following printers:

DCP-165C, DCP-375CW, DCP-385C, DCP-395CN, DCP-585CW, MFC-250C, MFC-255CW, MFC-290C, MFC-295CN, MFC-490CW, MFC-495CW, MFC-5490CN, MFC-5890CN, MFC-5895CW, MFC-6490CW, MFC-6890CDW, MFC-790CW, MFC-795CW, MFC-990CW


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