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How to reset the 670 Epson Stylus Color  printer

This next printer we are going to work on is a good printer, the resetting process is very simple to do so some combinations of the printer main buttons are needed, it is not needed to download files neither installing them. Follow the process carefully, in case of having questions leave a comment.

  • Turn off the printer, just turn it off but leave it plugged to the power supply cable.
  • Then with the printer off press the "load/eject" and "cleaning" buttons while turning on the printer. Do not release the "load/eject" and "cleaning" buttons until the "load/eject" LED flashes during 2 seconds.
  • After seeing the "load/eject" LED flashing press the  "cleaning" for about 12 seconds. After the 12 seconds have passed the three buttons will  consecutively flash.
  • After witnessing these buttons consecutively flashing release the "cleaning" and then the printer will start a process. The process the printer will be doing is the EEPROM process.
  • When this is finished the printer is already resetted. Turn the printer off and turn it on again so the process take effect.
You can also be interested in downloading the 670 Epson Stylus Color printer, all you have to do is to click on the downloading link and select your operative system.

In case you do not know how to identify your operative system visit our post on how to know what operative system you are using, if you have any question leave a comment.


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