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How to install a printer driver

Standard errors of our printers lead us to the need to do a reinstall of the drivers or driver are the errors that the printer does not respond to printing, or when we send to print out an error we do not know in a few words inexplicable errors that are not from printer are the ones that make this decision.

When we remove the drivers from a printer and install new drivers is possible that the problem is solved, in case that we need to know how to uninstall a driver is nothing so serious what is a little.

Below is the procedure for uninstalling the drivers follow these as we have raised in case you need help with it make a comment in this post.

  • We turn the printer off
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and power cord electricity from the same
For the next steps you need to identify which operating system you are using, depending on this are that we will execute the procedure then follow the steps as they arise.
  • If you have Windows 7 you click on  Control Panel, then you click on Programs and uninstall programs.
  • If you use Windows Vista you click on Control Panel then click  sound hardware environment and then click Programs.
  • If you use Windows XP, click Start, then Control Panel, then install and uninstall programs.
We will arrive where we have to select the printer you have to select the printer you want to uninstall and click Uninstall or Remove. see image...
uninstall programs for windows 7
uninstall programs for windows 7
After having uninstalled the driver find the driver if we will use a CD and install the driver.

In case we do not have it we have to download the drivers from the Internet, for this we have developed a post that may help you to download the drivers, the post is only developed for Lexmark, Canon printers, and HP download the driver from the internet for Lexmark printers, you can also download the driver from the internet for Canon printers or you can make the download from the Internet for Hp drivers, as well.

When we have the drivers preferably downloaded on our desk we have to perform a decompression of the driver or drivers. As the driver is downloaded we will see that this needs to be decompressed, we just have to perform decompression and for this we need a program, we recommend to use Winrar, to know how to perform decompression see the following instructions on how to unzip a document. see image...
you click on Extract and there we see a folder
you click on Extract and there we see a folder
When we unpacked the driver installation recommend that you make the intallation through the process of updating properties of MY PC, we recommend reading our post how to install the driver if they give me trouble in the normal way.


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