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How to refill CL-41 Canon cartridge

These ink cartridges have high performance and good quality when printing, we have previously seen how to fill cartridges Canon PG-30 black ink, both cartridges can give about 3 backfilled and still work perfectly, it is recommended to put on these cartridges about 6ml of ink in each color, the combination of these cartridges is the following colors, you can take as a reference the image of a cartridge below.

The procedure for filling the Canon Ink Cartridge CL-41 tricolor is simple we just have to supply the ink slowly as it should be on all ink cartridges, as always recommend setting the cartridge on a piece of fabric which does not allow it to spill ink, the fabric must not be a needed one in the future.
Other factors to consider are the ink to spill into our hands or our clothes; we need to know how we can remove ink spilling.

Cartridges Canon CL-41 tricolors are compatible with the iP1700, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP450, MP460, MX300, MX310 printers.

We recommend that you use water-based ink that you can get easily on any computer shop, if you will only make it possible to achieve pigment ink better.

Before refilling the cartridge we have to remove the label from the top, get the holes to refill the cartridges under the label, these are three perforations on the cartridges, on these holes we can introduce syringes with ink slowly or we can make a hole with a drill. see image below...
drill for refill ink cartridge
drill for refill ink cartridge
In case you decide to fill by the hole do it very carefully to prevent this reaches the sponge from the cartridge.

Remember you have to use three syringes for each ink, you cannot use the same syringe for all colors, and it is a syringe for each color. It is recommended that the syringe it is introduced in the way we have previously outlined, do it slowly, firmness and with strength for each of the holes in the cartridge.

Remember that this cartridge supports the exact amount of ink 6ml and with the combination as shown in the table above that indicates how you ink should be. If it is necessary and you are not sure where the colors go pass the head of the cartridge with a napkin.
location of the colors cartridge
location of the colors cartridge
After filling the cartridge we recommend that a proper cleaning cartridge is made to prevent damages on the connectors and then present these errors also we recommend printing a test page to identify the operation of these.

In case the printer does not recognize the ink or said cartridge has not ink there is no problem this is normal.

Also it may be that when printing says that there is a problem with the refilled cartridge, to fix this you have to reset the Canon printer.


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