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How to solve full absorption of ink on Brother MFC-J220

If we have a Brother MFC-J220 printer with the Oft full ink we can not see this message as one more this does not allow us to do more impressions so far rather than that the reality is that we have printed as many pages as to the computer considers it has to go to support.

When most printers have _ absorbers errors with the ink is not so much because actually absorbers are filled, it is because we have printed to carry to manufacturer support.
The truth is that the printer has printed a lot therefore it is not within the warranty period and we will have to pay an additional cost for maintenance, usually this happens when we use printers with continuous ink system.

The procedure for resetting the error in this kind of printer is simple, just follow to exactly the procedure we will raise it then if you need help please contact us through a comment on this same publication.

The printer must be turned off and connected to electricity, the first step needs of these factors. Contact us if you need help...

Step #1
We press the power button while holding down the button Stop / Reset in our printer. view images...

This is the button you have to push, previously we said Stop / Reset if the printer is o from the United States, may be Spanish too, if so tell Stop / Exit as shown in the picture.

When we pressed the button Stop / Exit we have to press the button on the printer, usually this has the image we see in this picture and is located in the upper left side.

Step #2
When the printer is powering pressed the power button again and let down at the same time and again pressed it but now twice the stop / exit button.

Step #3
When you've done the above procedure and have released two buttons after finishing, it is not matter what orders we release the buttons. The printer SERVICE MODE input, will show a selection menu where you start the process of resetting.

Step #4
When you press the ON / OFF it flash green, press the button stop / exit especially the amount corresponding to the directions below for each reset.

The printer will turn the button ON / OFF green and orange color, we have to be aware when starting after color indicated to press the buttons the amount stated.

  • To reset the ink Oft: When the printer is flashing button ON / OFF green pressed it four times the button Stop / Exit to reset the Oft full ink. Know that we have to press four times after every green flickered.


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