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Like align the printer heads on Epson L200

When our printed pages are coming out blurry, prints appear a little delineated dark horizontal band appear, or if you have a lot of time printing and think you are not getting the quality you seek in printing you have to perform a head alignment.

The head alignment is not the same as a head cleaning, in alignment what we do is to give a configuration to the printer for this one to print documents as presented on the screen, this helps not to improve the quality of single color prints only puts it into place.
This procedure is very simple, and we just have to take our computer installed printer drivers, with the help of software and interface that it has stated follow the procedure below.

  • We verify that both the printer and the computer are working perfectly, it means that the two devices are on, when you do this check what is next.
  • We load unused white and in good condition paper in the paper input tray.
  • We go to printer properties in control panel or printers and faxes from Windows to reach our computer printers follow these steps depending on which operating system you are using. See how to get to where the printer is procedure below...
  1. If you have Windows 7 you click on Devices and Printers.
  2. If you use Windows Vista then click on Control Panel then click printer it is under the Hardware and Sound category.
  3. If you use Windows XP, click Start and then Printers and Faxes.

When we get to where the printer is follow the procedure below to align the print head.

The printer will have a name, possibly appearing as Epson L200 or it may vary a little, anyway follow the steps below for alignment.
  • Then you click on Head Alignment This option is normally located at the top of the printer properties box.
  • When the box is opened in head alignment we follow the prompts provided by us for this process, click on Next and then print. see image below...
click Next to print head alignment
click Next to print head alignment
One important thing is that you cannot cancel the printing process during the head alignment; this process may take longer than usual.

Check the page to be printed and confirm the printed page with the picture that appears on the computer screen, charts to the page you got.

Then click next. If it is not in alignment pattern with the groups choose the one with better alignment and realign then click. When you finish the process click Finish.


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