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Reset Epson Stylus D68

These domestic Epson Stylus C68, are printers which give us the ease and economy we have always looked for a printer.

They are printers that are discontinued but its performance is very good and if we have it these days, we have to keep this printer and care, as we stated in our publication old printers are much resistance and have better performance.
With one of these printers we have an advantage from the cartridges that are individual, we can print up to 17ppm in black and a 9ppm color is compatible with Windows USB operating systems, Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP USB Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher and cartridges used are:
Cartucho Negro T060120
Cartucho Cian T060220
Cartucho Magenta T060320
Cartucho Amarillo T060420

Before beginning the process of resetting any Epson printer we have to verify that no other printer is connected to our computer, no matter the brand is not recommended because this may damage the operation of the printer.

Make the process as we propose below for perfect operation; if you need further assistance please contact us.

We need to download a program to perform resetting this printer download the program by visiting the link reset Epson Stylus C67 This reset is compatible with printers Epson Stylus C67 / C68 / D68.

Step # 1
When you download the file you will see that this is compressed, you just have to perform decompression and for this we need a program, we recommend using Winrar, to know how to perform decompression see the following instructions on how to unzip a document. see image
click on Extract here and a folder will appear
click on Extract here and a folder will appear
Step #2
After we have the decompressed file you double click the program file that has the following image.
Necessity is to run this file and we can do it by double clicking to the right click and run the file.

Step #3
Display a screen where we have to select the type of printer you resetting because this program works for three types of Epson Stylus printers. See image of program appearance...
select the printer you want to reset
select the printer you want to reset
In the upper part of the program in "MODEL NAME" option is where you perform the selection, "DESTINATION" will have to perform an automatic selection should not be so need to identify which is the port where the installed printer is you can find the port where the printer is connected in the following way:


After all this process in selecting the type of printer follow the steps below to reset it is necessary to consider each step so that the reset result.

A message will appear saying only this program is free click on "accept”.

Step No. 4
In the next step we have to select the option "Select" button on the top right. see image
click select
click select
Step #5
After it will appear the window that lets you select the port to which the printer is connected in this place the "Auto Select" option and click on OK. see image below...
leave the port in Auto selection
leave the port in Auto selection
Step No. 6
in Model Name the name of reset you're trying to install will appear, and then the "Destination" we leave it as shown and Port we leave the default option in this case is "Auto Selection". See the previous image, if you have questions make a comment.

After you click OK, the window disappears where we select Auto selection, and the main window of the program stay in this we have to select option Particular Adjustment Mode. view image...
particular adjustment mode
particular adjustment mode
Step No. 7
In this step we have to be very careful, any other options you select can be fatal to our printer, so much so that you can delete the configuration of your printer forever, it is recommended to only select the option that we will tell you.

The option you select is called Waste Ink Pad Counter and click on OK to continue. This will restore the printer to tell you there is no longer Ink, although it does this have to know that the residues are full, though perhaps the printer comes to think that by the number of pages that have been printed with it, but in reality can cause problems over time.
just click waste ink pad counter
just click waste ink pad counter
After selecting this option, click on OK.

Step No. 8
Now we select the options to choose, after that click on CHECK to verify that all is well, click on SET, and then click on INITILIZATION and then when this process is complete click on FINISH

After this process we turn off the printer, waited about 30 seconds and turn on again, so we have resumed the page counter which told us that our printer ink tanks had filled. view image...
procedure read the first information before
procedure read the first information before
If the results achieved in this post are not what you want to contact us through to a comment in this publication we will gladly respond. See important information below...

You might also want to download free drivers for the Epson Stylus C68 printer for Windows7 32bit and 64bit, you may be interested in unloading Windows compatible drivers for these drivers are available for Windows8 can download the drivers.

Read when you have time the user manual of Epson Stylus C68 printer this user manual is in English version (HTML)


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