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What kind of paper can I use on my printer

Everything depends on which printer we use, but it is something that we cannot be blind eye, that it is very important to know what paper can be printed with the printer you use, usually we do not know and began using the printer with a paper that is not compatible with it and this causes damage on the equipment and delay in our work.

That is why we tried to find a way on how to explain what kind of pages or paper can use on your printer.
It is  a bit difficult to write all models of printers and all marks and then say that this type of paper can be used, which is why we have decided to classify printers.

As we know there are different types of printers, when we talk about different types we talk about different teams for specific functions and among them there are home printers, these are the printers we use in homes and some also use it at work, mostly because this supports the work we do and sometimes it is because we do not know why is made, usually the domestic printers support the following types of paper.

First of all we recommend that you read the printer´s manual, you can get the additional information for the specific use of your device. Get the printer´ manufacturer manual official website or in the manual that comes with the device when we bought it.

Papers that can be usually use the domestic printers

A4, B5, A5, Letter, Legal, Envelopes (DL size, Commercial 10), 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 20 x 25 cm

These are all types of paper which we can print on these printers as they are little weak printers for forced labor and they are not very resistant.

Within these printers are the domestic multifunctional printers and they are very common these days, these can print, scan, copy and even fax, are inkjet printers.

Papers that support monochrome laser printers

Monochrome LaserJet printers are printers that we use to print normally in our homes or small businesses, the only thing that differentiates this printer from a domestic inkjet printer is the speed, sharpness in the printed pages and printing technology.

When we talk about laser printing we are talking about documents that are printed using a black powder called toner, these prints are more durable but nothing to do with the choice of what kind of pages you can print with this printer as being small and short working cycle supports the same pages that can be printed with a domestic inkjet printer. The pages that can be printed with these devices are: A4; A5; A6; B5; postcards; envelopes (C5, DL, B5).

"Something that matters a lot is the thickness of the pages, actually most of the time that the pages are not accepted by the printer, because of the thickness of the pages, a very thick page can even cause a paper jam immediately”.

Papers that support multifunction laser printers

All depends on what sort of device when it comes to laser multifunctional printers, these printers usually support a lot papers and thicker papers, these printers are used only in companies, they have a lot of pages corresponding to the century of work normally passing 10,000 pages per month.

Below it is a list of pages that can be withstood by this type of printers.

Normal, Thick, Recycled, Transparency, Label, Envelope among these are the formats:
A4, B5, A5, LGL, LTR, STMT, EXE, OFFICIO, B-officio, M-officio, GLTR, GLGL, FLS, 16K, Envelope Card: COM10, Monarch, C5, DL, Custom sizes: min. 76.2 x 210 mm max. 216 x 356 mm

Types of papers that support the Laser Color printers

These printers as your line says are printers that print in color laser technology, we can say that the kind of role that these ones support are the same as supporting by the laser multifunctional printers although it is always necessary to use the documentation supplied by manufacturer.

With these printers we can print the page types: Plain Paper, Recycled Paper, Thick Paper, Transparency, Label, Envelope and the following specific sizes: A4, A5, B5, Legal, Letter, Executive multitasking tray: A4, A5, B5, legal, Letter, Executive, Statement, Envelope (COM10, Monarch, DL, ISO-C5, ISO-B5) custom sizes: width of 76.2 to 215.9 mm; length of 127.0 to 355.6 mm.

Below we present an image where the dimension of all majorities of pages that have shown above is. see image...
some of the aforementioned sizes of pages
some of the aforementioned sizes of pages


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