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How to change the cartridges for Lexmark Multifunction Printers

In this case we will present how to remove printer cartridges for Lexmark printers Lexmark X2670 all in one; Lexmark X4610; Lexmark P6350 Photo All in One; Lexmark X6160; Lexmark X6130; Lexmark 7310; Lexmark X8310, these cartridges are not as simple to remove them from the printer as the other that only we press down and out, for example removing cartridges for Canon printers with these cartridges  we have to do a series of less complex procedures but if they can be difficult at first, follow the procedure below and if you need help feel free to contact us.

How to refill cartridges Lexmark No. 1

These cartridges are for photographic Lexmark printers on a single cartridge; this ink cartridge produces black with the combination of all the colors cyan, magenta, yellow with a low quality and low print quality black A4 pages. This cartridge supports printing 18 pages per minute color pages and 25 pages per minute _ completely black normal letters pages of A4.

This cartridge is manufactured both in Mexico and the Philippines and has a two year warranty from manufacturing time; you cannot store it for more than one year.

Best inkjet printer Epson 2013

The Epson printers have released a lot in Latin America, all for the economy that offers to consumers, these printers have presented in recent years a bid of a conquer what is looked for in the market, continuous ink systems are very fashion by its promising help to save a large proportion of money compared with conventional consumables used until today like ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

These Printers are called ink tanks they have been introduced to the market as Epson pioneers of these systems, previously they were adapted to Epson Printers ink, and these have never been originally created by the ink manufacturer integrated system so far.

My computer does not detect the printer

There are many reasons this error could happen, it will all depends on the circumstances it is, or what you have done those days with the printer.

Next we will do a variety of recommendations so you can identify why the computer does not recognize the printer.

What are the types of printers that exist

Printers are work tools linked to the computer, these are a output hardware and its main function is to capture documents or images in a specific paper to each type of work, nowadays there are 3D printers.

Depending on each user needs the type of printer will be different,there are printer to print from small pages normally use at home and offices to advertising hoardings among other sizes and types.

What you have to take into account when buying a printer

Next we will present you some advices to buy a printer so that it fits with your needs and its consumables to be easy to find and cheap. There is much to take into account before buying a printer, it is not just a peripheral device printing letters on a page, you have to know what you need, that’s the most important.

Depending on your needs you will know if you can buy a simple or domestic printer or a multifunction printer depending on your needs you will know if you can buy a monochrome or a color laser printer.

How to change the printer language

It will all depend on the printer you are using, let’s say you just have a printer with which you can only print, this kind of printers are called simple or domestic and as it is known they do not have a menu in their top as other printers do on the other side printers with which you can copy, scan, fax among other tasks are called multifunction printers and most of them have a panel in their top side.

When talking about changing the language to a simple or domestic, it means changing the language of the menu you have in your computer to manage the tools and your printer settings.

The best HP LaserJet printer of 2013

This year we will take into account something that is very important and as always primordial in our decision making when categorizing an equipment as the best of the year, “ECONOMIC” we are always looking for what is more influential in the economy.

Continuous ink system Canon printer which LEDs are flashing indicating empty cartridges

When having a printer with a continuous ink system it is taken to its limits, normally a Canon FINE cartridge is rated for about 240 pages, black ink as well as tri color ink cartridge.

Anyway when refilling an ink cartridge the printer indicates that the cartridges are emptied, it is just because the printer has already print the amount of pages the cartridge is rated when new.

How to clean the TX25 Epson Stylus printer head

If you are not getting the printing quality you need, it is necessary to clean the printheads, thanks to the good front end that this Epson printer has it is easy to do this operation, it can be done either from the front panel of the printer or from the printer properties in your PC.

Next we will present two ways to do it, before doing the cleaning you have to check that no cartridge is about or completely running out of ink, to do so you will need a lot of ink in the cartridges and to be aware that this process will consume big part of it, do not perform this process frequently or you will run out of ink and will have to replace your cartridges many times.

How to increase the rating in each HP toner cartridge

When purchasing a laser printer there is the need of obtaining the printing quality it is offered in the package, normally the toner used for micro-business is rated for about 2,000 pages this figure varies depending on the type of toner you use.

A toner can always give more, there is a way to set the printer so it can print 20% more pages that it usually does, you have already seen how to print in speedy deletion from a printer with cartridges, what we will do next is something similar but with a laser printer, we will try to make it easy to understand how to print a little bit lighter with a laser printer but getting more pages per toner cartridge.

How to print photos in the Epson printer

The Epson printer is well known because of its good quality, depending on what printer you have you will be able to print photos with any  Epson printer, you will get good photographic quality thanks to the type of ink these printers use.

The DURABrite® ink cartridges with pigmented ink allow you to get the better qualities in your photographic printings. It is convenient to consult the manufacturer's documentation before placing any kind of paper in your printer different from the normal A4, the thickness of the paper also influences a lot.

What are the Epson individual cartridges

It a great saving and innovative system to do ink cartridges, all the Epson inkjet printers use individual cartridges.

These cartridges are pigments and they are known as DURABrite®, you can get it in printer using four cartridges as the multifunction domestic and the photographic printers using six cartridges of this individual type.

Reset the ME 32 Epson printer

These ME 32 Epson printers are design to great saving when printing good quality documents, with the Epson 141 economic ink cartridges you can get quality, performance and quickness without spending your money in expensive printers.

Another fact that favors these printers is that they use the ink cartridges individually, which is an advantage when changing the cartridges since you just have to replace the one that has run out of ink but not the entire ink set.

How to reset the T13 Epson Stylus

The T13 Epson Stylus printers have good performance and operation. These printers are manufactured for marketing in the U.S alone, although you cannot buy them in Latin America.

You can use them, normally they are bought to install a continuous ink system and as you know these get clogged while the time goes by, and you will need to reset then since they do not move their head when clogged.

What to do when colors are being printed different

This problem can frequently happen when refilling the printer ink cartridges, in fact there are many reasons for this problem to occur, from having to clean the ink cartridge to having to replace it for a new one.

This will also happen when using a printer with a ink system spilling ink under the cartridges, then colors won’t come out as they must.

Download free driver for HP Photosmart C4280 Windows 8

The HP Photosmart C4280 printer are compatible with the  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operative systems the type of pages used for this printer are  Letter: 216 x 280 mm (8.5 x 11 inches), A4: 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 inches), A5: 148 × 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 inches), Executive: 184.2 x 266.7 mm (7.25 x 10.5 inches), Legal: (216 x 356 mm) (8.5 x 14 inches), 216 x 279 mm (8.5 x 11 inches).

How to update from Windows 7 to Windows 8 drivers of HP printers

Nowadays there are many before Windows 7 users already working with Windows 8 operative system and their printers are not compatible with it, this is a problem that has to be solved, to do so HP has develop a small software that  search and download updates of the Windows 7 drivers to be compatible with Windows 8 so you can keep on using your printer without problems in the new operative system.

Solution to the Epson LX-300+ printer is printing symbols

Normally the impact Epson LX-300+ printers are used to print invoices, receipts, inventories and some listings or works needing to be resistant but not too much aesthetics.

This is the impact printer most sold in the market, it has nine it is the best-selling impact printer market, has nine points and has a serial and USB port. It is compatible with Windows 98/2000 / XP / Me and NT 4.0 systems and use the tape for Printer LX-810/300/300 + FX-870/880.

How to reset the T25 Epson Stylus printer

The T25 Epson Stylus printer has a modern design which helps to place it anywhere and that it adapts, either in your house or your office, this printer will be rightly located because of its good appearance.

Do not forget about its performance, this printer has individual ink cartridges which means saving money when buying ink, you won’t need to buy an ink cartridge containing all colors, thanks to the Epson individual cartridges when one of them is out of ink you can replace just that one.

Tutorial to reset the TX135 Epson Stylus printer

This multifunction Epson printer prints, copies and scans and as most of the Epson printers the ink cartridges are individual and of great performance.

This is a really compact and good looking equipment you can place anywhere in your house or office. It prints up to 28 ppm in black and 15 ppm in color it can print in the following sizes Letter, Legal (21,6 x 35,6cm), A4, B5, A5, A6, report, executive, statement sizes, user-defined: (8.9 to 21.6 cm) x (8.9 to 111 , 7cm) envelopes: No. 10, DL, C6 and the common, bond types of paper, coated paper, paper with matte finish paper with glossy finish and semi-gloss, self-adhesive and others.

Delete the HP 122 incompatible cartridge error

The HP 122 cartridges both black and tricolor ink are really popular in Latin America, it is worth to say that these cartridges are only meant to be use in this region.

We have published this post trying to clarify the real secret of these HP 122 cartridges and we have provided information on how to refill both the HP 122 black ink cartridge and the HP 122 tricolor ink cartridge it is possible that when refilling these cartridges the printer indicates one of the following errors: “Cartridge with problems,” “incompatible cartridge” or “no cartridge or damaged cartridge” it depends on the type of printer you are using.

How to know when the cartridges are burned or broken

Ink cartridges are really sensible and complex, many pages can be printed with just 4 ml of ink that is the usual measure of ink that cartridges bring and is daily used, if you try to mark all that a 4 ml ink cartridge can do you will not mark more that about five pages.

Due to, as said before, the printing process of the cartridges is really complex and thus they are too vulnerable to get damage if not taking care of them, the main part is to take care of the connectors of the cartridges, you cannot directly look after them, there are procedures to do so.

How to remove spot pages in laser printers

The Laser printers are those that can be used for the hard work they need, usually they work well and give us a superior print quality and very durable.

These printers work with a toner which contains a powder that is reflected in the pages when heated with a heat fuser.