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How to change the printer language

It will all depend on the printer you are using, let’s say you just have a printer with which you can only print, this kind of printers are called simple or domestic and as it is known they do not have a menu in their top as other printers do on the other side printers with which you can copy, scan, fax among other tasks are called multifunction printers and most of them have a panel in their top side.

When talking about changing the language to a simple or domestic, it means changing the language of the menu you have in your computer to manage the tools and your printer settings.
The real question will be how to change the language to the computer program? There are two ways to change the language to a driver or a program to manage the printer, one of them is to change the language to the already installed program or to install it again but changing the language to the one you want.

There is something strongly influencing printers’ language and it is the language of the operative system you have installed, for example if your operative system is in German, all the default settings of any driver you install will be in German.

It is convenient trying to change the language from the printer properties before uninstalling and installing again the driver, to do so you will need to go to printer setting in printing devices, when you are there look for the icon of the printer you want to change its language and right click on it to be able to display the properties setting menu, normally it is either the last or the fourth option up to down.

Surfing through all the menu “upper part above” you will get to click on advance options or on device settings, look for something related to changing language and do the change. It is possible that you have to restart your computer for the changes to be done.

Uninstalling and installing again the driver

uninstall all drivers from the printer, verify the printer has no document in queue, look for the drivers in internet either in the HP or Canon webpage to install them depending on your printer brand.

Before beginning downloading the web page will ask you to select the language you prefer.  Continue with the installation process, to the end, then you will have a driver in the language you want to.

If you have a multifunction printer or with a front panel to settings. 

In this printer all will depend on what do you need to change the language for, one case can be that you need to change it to understand the menu options of the front panel of your printer, or to perform any device settings, internal printer through the computer.

Surfing in your language all the options in your printer is much easier, to do any change of language in the printer by using its front menu you will need to move to the settings normally having the following symbol.

It is possible that the option to change the language of the printer is located in the section where to choose the region, in the settings, you can be help with the documents provided by the manufacturer to better understand how to do this settings process and the language change of your printer. In case of needing help do not hesitate and contact us.

Any other changes you want to do in your printer settings through the driver can be done by following the steps given for the simple or domestics printers.


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