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How to refill cartridges Lexmark No. 1

These cartridges are for photographic Lexmark printers on a single cartridge; this ink cartridge produces black with the combination of all the colors cyan, magenta, yellow with a low quality and low print quality black A4 pages. This cartridge supports printing 18 pages per minute color pages and 25 pages per minute _ completely black normal letters pages of A4.

This cartridge is manufactured both in Mexico and the Philippines and has a two year warranty from manufacturing time; you cannot store it for more than one year.
To fill this cartridge it is an easy process but we have to follow the directions below to avoid accidents or damage to the cartridge, look well where all the colors of this cartridge are to avoid confusing the colors.

Always remember to put the ink cartridges in a place where there is no an inconvenience that this is full of ink, it is recommended to put both on a piece of black fabric or easy to clean surface.

Remove the cartridge label, we always recommend removing the cartridge label even know where colors range, put the cartridge label in a place where it will not damage to replace after filling the cartridge, this helps the ink inside the cartridge does not dry and damaged quickly.
lexmark cartridge refilling 1
lexmark cartridge refilling 1
Use three syringes, one for each color in this way we avoid linking colors, never use a syringe for all colors.

We provide a 7ml of ink for each color, as we recommend always do it in the ink supply space, so we allow the printer completely filled sponge cartridge.

When you finish filling the cartridge again place the label it is necessary because if we leave without Tag this cartridge will dry the ink with each passing day and can clog the nozzle.

After finishing filling make several pieces of cartridge cleaning, and if it is clogged try the procedure to uncover the ink cartridge, you can also print a test page to see the quality of the filling.


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