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How to reset the T25 Epson Stylus printer

The T25 Epson Stylus printer has a modern design which helps to place it anywhere and that it adapts, either in your house or your office, this printer will be rightly located because of its good appearance.

Do not forget about its performance, this printer has individual ink cartridges which means saving money when buying ink, you won’t need to buy an ink cartridge containing all colors, thanks to the Epson individual cartridges when one of them is out of ink you can replace just that one.
With this printer you can print up to 28 ppm in black and 15 ppm in color. It is compatible with the Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, Windows XP Professional x64 Mac OS® X, 10.4.11, 10.5.8 - 10.6.x operative systems and you can also print in  Letter, Legal (21,6 x 35,6cm), A4, B5, A5, A6, report, executive, statement sizes, user-defined: (8.9 to 21.6 cm) x (8.9 to 111 , 7cm) envelopes: No. 10, DL, C6 and the common, bond types of paper, coated paper, paper with matte finish paper with glossy finish and semi-gloss, self-adhesive and others.

As said before this printer uses individual cartridges and these ones have the following numbering:

k135 T135120 Epson Black cartridge
c133 Epson Cyan cartridge
m133 Epson Magenta cartridge
y133 Epson Yellow cartridge

Before resetting this Epson printer or any other printer you must take into account that no other printer can be plugged to the same computer, regardless to their brand, this printer and the computer must be fully working and plugged.

You need to download a program to be able to perform the resetting process of this printer download the program by visiting the resetting for Epson Stylus T25 printer.
epson stylus t25 printer
epson stylus t25 printer
Step No. 1
This document is hosted in Google Drive, in case you do not know how to download this file see our guide manual on how to download it, see it carefully...

How to download a file from Google Drive:

When we get in the document in Google drive what we have to do is go to “File”. Located on the top left of your screen.
file in Google Drive
file in Google Drive
After clicking on the file, move down and click on download it is the third to the last option in the file menu. see following image...
click to download file
click to download file
Step No. 2
When the file is downloaded you will see it is a zip package, it has to be unzipped and to do so it is recommended to use WinRAR, to know how to unzip see the following manual on how to unzip a document. see image...
click on Extract here and a folder will appear
click on Extract here and a folder will appear
Step No. 3
After unzipping the file double click on the file with the following image. What you need is to run this file and it can be done by right clicking twice on it and running it.

Step No. 4
A message will be displayed indicating that this program is for free and then click on Accept.

Step No. 5
In the next step what you have to select is the option Select which is located in the top right of the screen. see image...
click select
click select
Step No. 6
Then a window will be displayed allowing you to select the port the printer is plugged to, chose the Auto Select option and click on OK. see the following image
leave the port in auto selection
auto selection
Step No. 7
In Model Name the name of the reset you are trying to install will be shown, since the "Destination" part won’t be modified and in Port leave the default option in this case is "Auto Select" see image above, in case of questions leave a comment.

After clicking on OK, the window where you select Auto Select will disappear, and the main program window will remain, in this window select Particular Adjustment Mode option. see image...
particular adjustment program
particular adjustment program
Step No. 8
In this step you have to be really careful, any other options chosen by mistake can be fatal for you printer,  so much so that it can delete the printer settings forever, it is recommended to select just the option we will tell.

The option you have to select is called Waste Ink Pad Counter and then click on OK to continue.

This will restore the printer and indicate that there is not ink waste, although doing this procedure you must be aware that the ink waste is full, though perhaps the printer gets to indicate this due the amount of pages printed, but the truth is that it can cause damages over time.
just click waste ink pad counter
just click waste ink pad counter
After selecting this option click on OK

Step No. 9
Now choose all the options display to select, afterwards click on CHECK, to verify that everything is all right, click on ACCEPT, then click on INITIALIZATION and when the process is finished click on FINISH.

At the end of all this process turn off the printer, wait for about 30 seconds and turn it on again, this way the pages counter that was telling you the ink waste was full is now reseted. see image...
procedure read the first information before
procedure read the first information before
In case the results obtained in this post are not what you expected contact us by leaving a comment and we will gladly answer. see important information next…

Click here to download the updated resetting program....

It is important for you to download the printer drivers for Windows XP/Vista/7, get this printer user manual for free, (html) with this one you will be able to read well the factory specifications of the printer.


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