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Download driver HP PSC 1350

With the drivers for this printer we can send printed copy and scan directly from our computer, this printer as we say in our blog, is from the old days of HP, the golden age of printers, throughout the performance of the cartridges and good performance.
HP PSC 1350
HP PSC 1350 by mightykenny
Is recommended if you have one of these printers, you take care, we should not consider that if a cartridge is damaged is better to change, as we come to consider sometimes.

How to install printers on computers Chromebook

The Chromebook computers are compact and fast laptops that have an operating system, it is created to access the Internet as quickly as possible.
chromebook install printer
chromebook install printer
They are created for an audience that does everything in clouds or online, available in both laptop computers and devices table.

Download free driver for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515

These printers are launched for 2012 HP, with a very fast but not so effective operation is compatible with the Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP SP3 or later operating systems (32-bit only) ; Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7
example how download one printer driver
example how download one printer driver

How know as whether the printer prints with only one cartridge

We may see the need to print with one cartridge, either because one of the two cartridges is damaged or because the printer has only one cartridge working perfectly.
print with only one ink cartridge
print with only one ink cartridge
When we talk about printed with a single cartridge in this case we mean that the printer has only one cartridge in and with this it is to print, it is not the same as when the printer has two cartridges and make the settings for this print with a single cartridge and leave the other disabled but inside the printer.

Set the type of paper in printers

Before printing it is necessary to tell the printer what kind of paper to print, so avoid jamming the printer paper and retain it for longer printer.

There are different types of paper, and the printer needs to know what the role is set for printing, so you change the way you print to prevent damaging the paper and in turn damage the printer.
type of paper
type of paper

Download drivers for Epson Stylus CX3900

Before you download a driver for any printer we know what our operating system we are using, Epson printers usually have a driver that is compatible with multiple operating systems, you should read the manufacturer's instructions.

How to eliminate the error E16 Canon printers

In the Canon printers is possible that the message E16 appears when we send print any document, it is normal that this happens, this error indicates that an ink cartridge is totally exhausted.
printer canon error
printer canon error
If we use printers with continuous ink system can continue the reset.

What happens we put black ink in color cartridge

Desperation can lead us to many cases can even be considered an option to supply black ink cartridge into the holes of color, logically it may be an option, but really that is not the case.
the situation when put black ink inside color cartridge
the situation when put black ink inside color cartridge by LexnGer
For many reasons it does not have to work, putting a tricolor black ink cartridge is a mistake that many commit desperation.

What to do if your printer disappears "printer device"

It is possible that one day we are using the right printer without any problems and another printer is not installed, or when we send to print out the document no come.
printer error
printer error
First thing we do is to confirm that the equipment is installed and working perfectly. For that we go to printing devices located printer is installed it is assumed if this does not appear, begin the process of removing and installing the printer again.

Remove ink absorber full error Canon PIXMA iP1700E printer

These errors in Canon printers, full ink absorber are very common, because with a usage time these printer we are in the need for repair service or technical support, the manufacturer of these products think that after a considerable amount of pages the replacement of some parts and a reset or restoration is needed and begin again the account pages.

Reset the printer Epson L355 full pads

The process to reset the Epson L355 printer is the same as for other Epson printers, we have a software, run with the connected printer featuring error, go to wasted the ink pad and restore counter to zero again.

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Download the program to reset Epson L355 full pads

It is recommended to download on the desktop, the following is to decompress this file.

Reset the printer Epson L350 full pads

With this printer you have it all, copy, scanner and printer in one place. The speed of this printer stands out compared to others of its type, printing 33 pages per minute in black and color about 15 pages.
reset printer epson l350
reset printer epson l350
We can scan from 600-1200 dpi, manufactures this team brings software to scan edit documents in OCR, this like any other Epson team has 12 months or 15,000 printed pages.

Reset printer Epson L300 waste ink pad counter (full pads)

The Epson L300 printer comes standard with two black ink tanks, so you can get better performance and more pages, business use is right for this team.

Remove error pads full in Epson L110 (reset)

This printer for home use is also continuity with Epson L100 ink tanks, usually sold in Latin America, has tanks for continuous ink system that brings factory.

So far it is the printer we can get the cost of cheapest on the market, easy to recharge printing inks and individual internal cartridges.

Change the cartridges in Canon MP230 printer

What we always have pending before changing an ink cartridge is not touching the connectors cartridge, this can damage the cartridges.

Use alcohol to unclog the cartridges

The alcohol used to heal wounds or better known as isopropyl alcohol, is very effective for use as blotting.
alcohol isopropyl
alcohol isopropyl
When we do not have an exhaust fan for a specific ink cartridge can use it to unclog cartridges.

How adding a printer in Windows 8

We have previously published on our blog as installing a printer in Windows 8, this book really is another issue, which is like adding a printer to the operating system.

When we talk about adding a printer is not the same as install, add refers to a printer installed on another computer, you can add a printer wirelessly or with a direct connection.

Download the driver for HP PSC 1209 Multifunction

We have written good things about these printers, we also recommend one of our publications printers how are you can not lasso the trashcan just like that.

We must do everything possible to solve any problems that these have, like changing an ink cartridge or replace even the feeder power source.
epson driver printer
epson driver printer
The drivers for this printer are easy to download directly from the website of the manufacturer, but for you it is not possible either for lack of knowledge in the area or simply because it has done but not working for you, then we will leave a links that will help you download the drivers direct manner compatible with the operating system you use.

Solve spill ink when the cartridge is filled

The possibility exists that when you fill a cartridge, a lot of ink spilled on the head, the head is the part below the cartridge which looks a little lighting and has a band together in the middle is where the ink is injected to page.
spill ink epson lexmark cartridges
spill ink epson lexmark cartridges Daniel Oines
An ink spill can occur for many reasons, then do a small count as removing this spill cartridges and identify why that does not happen again, the fact that an ink cartridge spill head does not mean that this this damaging.

Know when you have spent ink cartridges

Something to keep in mind when we fill cartridges is not spent inside the printer, even if the ink cartridges we bought new letting them spend altogether can be a serious problem for the printer when a cartridge is spent within the printer receives a warmth that can not be reduced because the cartridge is out of ink, this can lead to damage the connectors on the printer.
ink levels cartridges
ink levels cartridges

As we identify a cartridge is about to spend

There are several ways to tell when the ink cartridge is about to be spent, for example if we have new cartridges, never rellenanos above, the printer with software that detects the amount of pages for rendering cartridge give us a estimated when this is about to run out.

Install only drivers and not print supplements

The controller allows us to print and contact the printer from the computer, with the help of this we can not only send to print, but set the machine to make another function, these range from making cleaning cartridges to scan a document and modify only from our computer.
printer drivers install
printer drivers install
When installing a driver from the CD that provides us the manufacturer, we are at the mercy of making the installation of any tool that the manufacturer has put in the installation.

Solve spill ink on paper with Epson printers

It is possible that if we use continuous ink system for Epson printers, even if we do not use system and we use only cartridges, the pages start out with ink droplets as spilled ink on pages head.
epson printer ink
epson priner ink
Our pages start out with ink, usually on one side of the page, it does not help the quality of our work so we feel the need to eliminate it.

Advantages and disadvantages of cleaning head

Make cleaning head can be a very helpful tool for printers that have this feature, it helps to keep good print quality and printer in perfect condition.

Most printers have a way to make head or injector cleaning, document ourselves well enough either looking on the internet or by manual supplied by the manufacturer.
epson head printing
epson head printing
This tool can also be a mixed blessing if we do not use it properly, it usually consumes a lot of ink, even when a head cleaning is executed decreases the amount of pages available for printing.

How to scan a document in Macintosh

The MAC teams as it is also called, are all computers are manufactured by Apple, the scan a document is simple with this operating system can even be done in several ways, then will show some methods such as scan an image or document.

We have a scanner or multifunction printer with scanner up and running perfectly, our team installed without any error.

How to install printer ink system for Epson Stylus TX125

An ink system for Epson Stylus got it with ease on the Internet, these are usually manufactured in China and have a battery to reset itself cartridge on top.

Ink systems for these printers are good and have a good performance, they have no sponge inside and have considered such as the best in our publication best printers for continuous ink systems.

Free drivers for Epson Stylus Office TX300F

This excellent printer, make copies, scans and faxes without connection to the computer, features top tray which lets you copy and scan legal size documents. It has an LCD touch screen and individual cartridges.

Download the driver for Mac OS 10.6 Epson Stylus TX130

Download drivers Epson Stylus printers from the page to the Mac OS operating system, it can be difficult, even installing.

Please read the information of the manufacturer and procedures to work on this operating system.

Then supply you a link where you can get the file that will allow full operation of this printer.

Follow the procedure as indicated by the software, in case of future problems get help to support Epson. Download drivers for Epson Stylus TX130 printer compatible with Mac OS 10.6

Printers that can be installed continuous ink systems

Continuous ink systems are a useful tool in printers today, even it is recommended to buy printers in the future be possible to install an ink system.

Not all brands of printers and printer types can install this system, printers should aim some fundamental characteristics for smooth operation.
epson printer with ink continuos system instaled
epson printer with ink continuos system instaled
A continuous ink system is an adaptation that makes printers where the ink comes directly to the cartridge loading them while they are spent, the cartridge is constantly receiving ink so it must be a tough cartridge.

How to install continuous ink system for Brother MFC-240C

Brother printers are the best printers to install continuous ink system, are easy to installation, we get a good quality and performance.

We can not really distinguish between ink system and refillable ink cartridges tool that adapts to this printer to save a lot of money when printing.

How to reset the counter in printer Brother DCP J725DW

This error Brother printers can manifest as "Error 46: Can not clean," which if your printer does not have a touch screen is difficult to remove.
brother printer waste ink pad counter
brother printer waste ink pad counter by fsse8info
Appears on printers because they have the manufacturer, this method can preserve the print quality, as when a considerable amount of pages have been printed with a Brother printer quality pages decreases and it is logical that a large amount of ink spilled on the pads of waste.

Remove ink absorber full on Canon PIXMA iP2700

Everything has an end, is what we can say in this case, printers Canon PIXMA iP2700 are the best thing that ever hit the market, now replaced by printers Canon PIXMA iP2702, this printer combines performance, function, strength and quality.
waste ink pad counter
waste ink pad counter by Angela Mabray
These printers with continuous ink system with horsepower, can give work to this weekly team up to 2,000 pages, this printer few errors present, only be reset at any time but nothing too serious.

How to see the ink levels in HP F4180

To see the ink levels in HP printers must necessarily take full printer drivers and have installed HP Solution Center. The printer is turned on and fully operational.
how to see the ink lavel for hp printer
how to see the ink lavel for hp printer
Steps to identify the ink levels let printers and faxes, printing devices "windows 7" let our printer usually has a picture of the printer if you use Windows 7.

How to change cartridges in printer Epson Stylus TX220

Replacing a printer cartridge Epson Stylus TX220 takes only a few minutes, we should have the cartridge will use to replace the printer power cord connected to electricity and patience.
canon ink cartridge change
canon ink cartridge change by Counting stupid things
The printer will indicate you when the ink cartridge is changed, the information will be constant ink light flashes ink front of the printer.

How to unclog injectors of HP cartridges

HP ink cartridges are the most used, they have maintained the type of manufacturing for many years a embace sponge inside, a head with a circuit that allows you to print pages directly without a head separate ink, unlike other manufacturers.
hp ink cartridges injectors
hp ink cartridges injectors by Macroscopic Solutions
When we speak of an ink cartridge we refer to the injection, small sponge inside, no cartridges that function as heads.

Usually these are plugged's fault cartridge head, and have published to uncover a cartridge and wash sponge that has within it does not solve the problem, however cartridge function worsens as this dries the ink more easily and clog injectors quickly.

What type of paper supports the Canon PIXMA MP230 printer

Cartridge printers are printers for home use in most cases, when you submit a printer to a constant use we must consider many things, including what kind of paper can print this printer.
type of paper for the canon pixma mp230 printer
type of paper for the canon pixma mp230 printer
Canon printers are very resistant, but we must not exceed the printer to a point where the break printing.

Process to reset the printer Epson L800

The process to reset the printer Epson L800 is the same as for other Epson printers, we have a software which run with the connected printer presenting mistake, let the wasted ink pad counter and restore to zero again.

Ink cartridge Canon PG-210 inside

There are myths as filling the Canon PG-210 cartridge, always forms stipulated to a procedure that is appropriate, can damage the ink cartridges and trying to fill one of the biggest mistakes when filling an ink cartridge Canon PG-210 when the cartridge completely disarmed.

What happens if we open and wash ink cartridge

An ink cartridge with sponge inside is most important in a printer of this type, have a head including ink and a circuit that allows the printer to print.

When the ink cartridge cover, we can come to believe that we will get a uncovering the cartridge at the top and sponge cleaning solution.
sponges ink cartridges
sponges ink cartridges
Actually this is not the solution, but that we should remove accumulated ink in the ink head, this is the plugging and no sponge cartridge, this only serves to retain ink and although we remove the cartridge sponge and wash our we clean or replace it by another, will not solve the problem.

If we uncover an ink cartridge, and change the sponges the possibility that this damage are many, many reasons, ink cartridges along with the sponge have a circuit which is easily distorted, damaged if they stick some and if parted too well.

How download the printer driver for Lexmark X1240

Lexmark X1240 multifunction printers allow us to print, scan and copy with good quality, used inkjet cartridges and have good performance.
lexmark X1240 printer
lexmark X1240 printer
These printers and no longer manufactured but there have to keep them, we can get with these printers consumable more pages than any other modern Lexmark printer.

How to clean the scanner

The scanner has become a very useful tool in offices, these can send scanned documents, signed and even scan and edit any image or text documents.

A scanner like any other office equipment maintenance, maintenance of this equipment is very easy to do, only need about 10 minutes.
cat sleeping on scanner
cat sleeping on scanner by Mary-Lynn
If you are scanning documents and those at the edges appear to us with marl, something like drops of dirty or stripes, the scanner is in need of maintenance, we must make the process at least every two months of use, or when we see that the team is presenting constant stains.

Printer with continuous ink system says "cartridge is empty"

If you have a printer with continuous ink system and a soon to another is told that an ink cartridge is empty we should not worry.

It is normal that happens, then we will explain why and how to fix if the printer stops printing after the message appears.
printer saying empty cartridges
printer saying empty cartridges Doug Waldron
The message that appears empty cartridge in continuous ink system the first thing to know is why even taking the printer ink tanks full, because we can see, the message that an ink cartridge is empty appears to us.

The reason is counter pages with the printer, ie each new ink cartridge comes to print a number of specified product, we talked for example about 200 pages, the printer to detect that it has already printed the number of pages what it does is say that we should change the cartridge.

How to fill the tanks of a continuous ink system

The continuous ink system is a very helpful tool for printers and savings that can be install, learn the system components and use it properly is the most important thing for a long lifetime of the equipment. Know how to supply the ink tanks is important, it depends on the operation of the printer.
amount of ink continuous ink system
amount of ink continuous ink system
By putting ink tanks must know how to do to not fill ink cartridges too, this will cause spills ink on the pages to print in the future.

At that height continuous ink systems are placed

The continuous ink systems have become a good tool in recent years, they can achieve significant savings in our impressions compared to traditional cartridges, everything depends on the quality of the installation that is if we have a bad installation system continuous ink can even become a headache.
printer epson with ciss
printer epson with ciss by Matthew
Many people really wonder as continuous ink systems work, and the truth is that it is not an easy question to answer, but if you have a logical operation, adaptations work differently systems of continuous ink manufactured as is for tanks Epson printers.

How to solve error "remove and check cartridge"

"Remove and check cartridge" This error is very common in HP printers and more in the type of multifunctional printers, this indicates that there is a problem with the cartridges or ink cartridge does not necessarily have to be the two ink cartridges it may be one, which brings us to another case which is to identify which of the two cartridges is that is presenting the problem.

To identify which printers in these cartridges is that is presenting the problem must remove an ink cartridge and check what happens to the printer, for example remove the black cartridge and hope as react printer if the printer says that the cartridge is missing black ink this means that the tri-color ink is fine, if the printer says that it takes both the tri-color cartridges ink has problems.

We can use generic inks for Epson printers with tanks of factory

The new printers Epson ink tanks factory are one of the best options we have to buy factory warranty to recover much of the money invested.

Ie we bought a printer from these pages and to terminate the warranty period we will receive the best price, full page color scanner even some copies, all with the best warranty.

Reset printer Epson L210 error pads full end life

Epson apparently you liked the results of the printers with ink tanks manufactured, are the first manufacturers to make printers with continuous ink systems from the manufacturer, taking such a great reception throughout Latin America by consumers.

We have previously seen the L200 Epson printers which gave much to talk positively thanks to the performance and quality of printed pages that can be obtained.

How refill the toner HP 85a

The toner cartridge 85a (CE285A) is sold from late 2011 for most HP printers manufacturer, is a similar to previous 35a, 36a, 78a toner.

Driving the procedure to fill any of the above toner is easy to fill this toner will then do the procedure as remembering the importance of protection to avoid congestion, respiratory problems and allergies.

Change HP printer of using 61 ink cartridges to 122 cartridges

We have seen in our publication the real secret of 122 hp cartridges, the rate at which the cartridges are manufactured today, depending what the region is that we use a cartridge.

Some regions are more privileged than others as it will get more pages, just like in real life but now passed to the world of printers.

How many pages receive per milliliter of ink

When refilling cartridges save up to 100% of the cost of new cartridges, the cost per page is comparatively from heaven to earth but the quality decreases.

Knowing how many pages we can receive per milliliter of ink (ML) is important to refill a cartridge.

That is a printer model

A printer model is what identifies the item within a brand, as happens with printers about cars, appliances and almost all instruments of our daily lives.

A model is unique in its kind and within a brand, has qualities that only one of its kind they have at the same time serving to identify where support or change replacements.

How remove the cartridges on Epson Stylus TX130

This type of printer uses individual ink cartridges Epson, these cartridges allows us to replace the spent cartridge just as each color separately and do not have integrated printhead cartridges.

Normally when a printer is about to spend a cartridge it warns, and proceed to take away, it is a simple process but if you have not done before can be difficult.

Download free driver for Epson Stylus TX120

The Epson Stylus TX120 multifunctional scan, print and make copies, has individual ink cartridges which is an advantage because we can change only the ink cartridge is exhausted.

You can consider a printer for domestic use and micro-enterprise, can print about 28 pages per minute in black and 15 pages per minute for color prints.

How to reset HP 662 cartridges (CZ103AL)

This ink cartridges when they came to market in HP inkjet printers, appeared to be a promising cartridge compatibility is largely multifunctional printers supposedly business or office use.

When trying to fill this cartridge and see its characteristics we have realized that it is the same cartridge HP 122 but with another number, this ink cartridge prints only about 120 pages.

Which printer buy in 2013

We talked a lot to our readers how important it is to choose a good printer either for work or for domestic use. Selecting a printer in 2013 will be a difficult task as we will have many options available.

This year manufacturers offer a variety of both domestic and business printers, although manufacturers are always the same, some others are more popular among customers.

Remove ink absorber full error Canon PIXMA iP1300 printer

In these errors Canon printers full ink absorber are very common, because with a usage time these teams we feel the need to carry for service or technical support, the manufacturer of these products considered after a number of pages the replacement of some parts and a reset or restore is needed and start again account pages.

The ink absorber is located on the left side of the printer, right where lie the ink cartridges that collects all the ink cartridges vote when automatically make cleaning head piece, this means that when we printed quantity to absorbers fill our printer ink this error so we have to maintain the equipment appears.
full ink absorber
full ink absorber
The fact that this error in the printer does not mean we have to change absorbers may appear by the fact that we have filled cartridges many times, or because they actually have printed the amount for which it appears, speak of a approximately 15,000 pages is when the error, but review the printer and see that the ink absorbers are in a position to continue to use, may not be the best absorbers but resist a considerate amount of pages.

For this there is a way how to reset absorbers and continue printing the normal only have to download the program.

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CANON iP1700_iP1300_ServiceTool

Download the file and put it in a place where I can unpack and have all files.

Canon printer prints two pages fast in white

The Canon printers with continuous ink system printers are like most consumers, all for the chance to save a lot of money on printed pages and strength of these teams this adaptation.

If an installation is done badly may eventually start to have problems, even while or rather on short ink system installed can present problems immediately.

That ink is better to refill my cartridges ¿pigmented or water?

It really all depends who need ink cartridge refill, it is normal black ink cartridges used with pigment ink sponge inside. And the color ink cartridges with sponges used in water-based inks.

Pigmented inks are using black ink cartridges for the quality that this leaves in printed documents, documents in black need a firm quality when printing, a pure black color, pigmented ink is needed as the name says this made based pigment, whereas the magenta, cyan and yellow need to be mixed with other colors to give more quality prints.

What to do when the printer says "installed used cartridges"

This error is common if your printer is the HP brand and fill ink cartridges, the printer is right to say that the ink cartridge is used, it is very difficult for a new ink cartridge tell the time to put that is used and if so the printer is printing no problems.

The truth is it's not an issue we should worry, if we put the ink cartridge after refilling the printer recognizes that this cartridge has been earlier and say that this used.

Download the printer driver Epson Stylus CX3700 Windows 7

This Epson multifunction printer scan, print and copy shows a highly economical cost per page uses separate ink cartridges without integrated head.

Cartridges independent ink are of great savings and we can replace only the color cartridge that has harmed us, these printers are made for domestic use, allow us to get photo quality color images and quality almost laser printed documents in black.

How to clean cylinders Brother printers

Brother Laser printers have good performance, we have always stressed how compact it is these printers, plus printers Brother brand are well positioned in our list of the best brands of printers.

What to do if the cartridges do not move

It may happen that one day our printer decides to stop completely and stop moving the carriage guide cartridge from side to side to the printing process, it is even possible that the printer on, but something we must be clear, that day we have serious problems with the printer, this only happens when the printer is about to be damaged or the printer is damaged completely.

It can also be a simple error that has the printer, which we solve by ourselves, without the need to call a service that charged us if the solve as if not solve the problem.

What to do when the printer does not pull paper

There are several reasons that the printer does not pull the paper when sent to print, the most important is because we do not actually identify the printer pulls, then we will raise a number of procedures that can be used both to identify because the pages are not pulled to solve the problem.

How refill cartridges Canon CL-241 / CL-241XL tricolor

The ink cartridges PG-241 tricolor both the regular version and XL (extra large) version are manufactured to consumers in the United States, these ink cartridges are compatible with manufactured printers equally to this public, as those products made for United States are of better quality than those of Latin America in the case of Canon to put the same quality for its products both North American version and Latin America.
colors position of canon ink
colors position of canon ink
These cartridges are made FINE technology (photolithography nozzle ink jet Full Engineering) translated meaning.

The black cartridge uses pigment-based ink and color cartridge uses water-based inks, the performance of these cartridges is approximately 250 pages 250 pages black and tri-color cartridge.

How refill cartridges Canon PG-240 / PG-240XL black

The ink cartridges PG-240 black both normal version and XL (extra large) version are manufactured for US consumers, these ink cartridges are compatible with manufactured printers equally to this public, as those products made for United States are of better quality than those of Latin America in the case of Canon to put the same quality for its products both North American version and Latin America.

These cartridges are made FINE technology (photolithography nozzle ink jet Full Engineering) translated meaning.

Reset the printer Samsung ML-1660

When a Samsung printer toner filled and do not change the chip having the toner is possible that the mistake that the printer does not recognize the toner and bulb flashes the red flashing printer appears.

Something to keep pending before reset an Samgung printer is that it can be no other printer attached to the computer, the printer may be having an error such as paper jam, out of paper etc.

Fill a toner and have prints with stripes

To understand why stripes on the pages where we fill toner cartridges, we have to know which are the parts of a toner, since all parts airtime wear and cause an effect either direct or indirect in printed documents.

A toner as we all know is composed of parts that all have their function when printing, if you are receiving a poor print quality, we have to check what are the parts that are responsible for providing good quality documents.

Because the printer prints slow

There are many reasons why our printer starts to print documents slower, it is possible that with the passing of the years beginning on performance issues and some results at work, but we do when a not very old printer starts printing documents about 5 pages per minute.

We must know the printer settings, if in optimum print speed decreases significantly pages per minute, usually the pages come out with better quality but will take longer time.

Reset for printer Samsung ML-1865

The reset for Samsung printers are installed differently from those of other machines such as Canon and Epson.

These printers usually have a chip on the toner, which we can make things a little difficult, Samsung toner refilling not change the chip is sure that the printer will not print.

How printing without margins on Epson Stylus TX135

We must be pending when trying to print documents without margins from an Epson printer and any other manufacturer factors.

Borderless printing is one that no corners have images printed paper can be photographic paper or print letters.

How and where to connect the printer with USB cable

There are many ways how to connect the printer, the most common is through the USB cable that carries information from the computer to the printer.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the connection method most used by large companies electronic equipment worldwide, printers are no exception because since 1995 is the connection method with more presence in all printers up nowadays.

The advantages of using a copy machine in the office

A copier is a team which is recommended for office use for its ability to print large quantities of documents, the most modern copiers in recent years allow us to connect as a printer at the same time use as copiers, which reduces the cost per product in an office copier consumables scale tend to be more expensive than any other monochrome or inkjet printer.

Choose from ink system or refillable cartridges

We will limit the terms of the Epson and Brother printers as these are the two printers where we can buy refillable ink cartridges, HP also manufacturer but rarely.

To choose ink system or refillable cartridges? for those who do not refillable ink cartridges are cartridges that have no sponge inside and ease of refilling even syringes without needles.

Remove error "no scan options" on HP Multifunction Printers

Possibly we are trying to scan and the message without scanning option on the screen of the computer, we may be trying to scan from the front panel of the printer.

It is possible that the message that we contact Technical Support to try to fix the error accompanied by the error in the computer screen appears.

Download driver for HP Deskjet 1000 J100 Windows 8

The HP Deskjet 1000 J100 printer uses the HP 122 ink cartridges in both black and tricolor, are not the most durable cartridges but is the most economical printer market.

Find publications on our blog because these ink cartridges are damaged so fast. These printers can not be used for business, given how costly it is to print them, to this day are the cartridges cost by higher product market.

How cleaning the head on printer HP Deskjet 1000

Although this printer does not use the best ink cartridges we get the best quality possible, all we have paid a lot to have her thinking it was like the old HP printer.

The HP Deskjet 1000 printers are those that are marketed worldwide as the best inexpensive option for a printer for home use, but over time we realize that we have purchased a printer that is not economical.

How to care for a printer cartridge with continuous ink system

Continuous ink systems are new to the printers that helps us save money, when we use a system or decided to install a system to a printer that we have most reason is the expense that we purchase cartridges or refill the same.

When we spend many cartridges is because we print a lot, and an ink cartridge prints in which much needs a special treatment to resist work and still follow the performance we need.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung inks

This printers use their own ink they call flashmelt, which gives a really amazing print quality. This ink requires less energy to operate compared to other ink, this makes the most economical ink compared to other brands.

As emptying a continuous ink system

Remove all the ink of a continuous ink system is not a difficult job if we have the tools and knowledge to do so.

Simply to empty all the ink of a vast system not flip an ink tank and this comes out completely. In this publication we will talk about a very practical and easy to remove all ink from one of these packages without spilling a lot of ink or damage other colors tool.

Connectors modern printers HP

It's amazing how the manufacturer of a product diminishes the quality just to save money and increase your income.

Today when servicing a computer from a client I realized how fragile the company HP has created the connectors on the HP deskjet 3050 printer, this is a modern printers or better versions that this manufacturer is selling throughout Latin America.

Download the printer driver for Canon MP230

The Canon MP230 printers are printers that are being marketed today throughout the Latin American market, these printers like the above are available to the scanner and copy, used ink cartridges Canon 210 Canon 211 black and cartridges tricolor.

These printers are high performance all thanks to their cartridges, whether there is a publication that explains how to install continuous ink system for Canon MP230 printer on, also you can find on our blog as filling the ink cartridge Canon 210 black and as filling the ink cartridge Canon 211 tricolor.

Remove error 2100012c to reset Epson Printer

With the passing of time we feel the need to reset these printers, the reset is to tell the printer that actually has not printed the number of pages that printed and the printer at this time no maintenance.

It is usually necessary to perform a printer reset when this has come to print approximately 15,000 pages, at least when they are of the Epson brand.

Download driver for printers Lexmark E120

The Lexmark E120 monochrome laser printers are high performance printers come with a monthly output of 8,000 pages of work for which there is only recommended print approximately 250 to 2,000 pages. You yourself can download the driver if he knows how to get them on the website of the manufacturer, in this case Lexmark.

To do need to know what operating system you are using, it even depend on that link us to provide you then choose to download.

About vents continuous ink system

Each piece is part of an object is important, respirators in an ink system are no exception as these are an essential part for the proper functioning of a continuous ink system. These are located in the upper ink system just beside the hole where it is supplied to the ink tanks of the ink system. view image...
vent continuous ink system
vent continuous ink system
These serve the ink system as a vent, is where the ink system will reach air so you can leave the ink cartridge ink, these must always be uncovered as we are printing, when transporting the printer from one location to this other cover them as convenient for various reasons.

How to solve the error E-01 in Epson printers

The Epson printers like other printers often have errors lifetime, is normal in any printer errors occur, the Epson printers are no exception these printers are positioned on our list of the top brands of printer as one of the best, leaving say that any event can happen when speaking of printers.

Fix problem "option was not completed 0x00000015 error" when scanning

If we have this error when scanning may use the Windows 7 operating system and drivers for the scanner are not compatible with the operating system you use.

This is not an error of viruses or malicious files that have been entered into our computer, we can not delete doing a scan with your antivirus, disable antivirus and much less uninstalling and installing the antivirus again.

Because the printer does not print in black

If our home printer or job printing everything but the places where black ink appears we have problems with this cartridge are many reasons why this error may occur, the most common is that this ink cartridge is empty if you refill the ink cartridge is time to do it or buy new original cartridges ink go to a store and buy the cartridge.

A empty black ink cartridge allows the other color cartridge to print without error in some cases, we realize that the black ink cartridge is not printing when where must appear black lettering, black parts of an image or work not appear and white paper comes out completely emptied an ink cartridge has great potential to be damaged or cause damage to the printer, it is recommended to replace or fill quickly.

Because HP 122 ink cartridges are damaged faster

The question should be that the HP 122 ink cartridge lasts as long, if only this has within "2 ml of ink," the same manufacturer of these cartridges is warning consumers that when the ink cartridges are running low can burn connectors, when an ink cartridge connectors burn this is useless, only has a printer error and we have the option of throwing it away.

Cartridges HP 122 ink despite using only 2 ml of ink have a large portion of the entire space where the sponge that does not work is going, ie has a large part of space without sponge inside the cartridge, this may take the cartridge to burn easily.

How to download and install the driver for HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One

These are some of the best multifunction printers HP, especially for its performance and durability in work, to say that these printers created in 2005 and even teams of these are underperforming, use those considered the best cartridges for HP printers you can find tutorial on how to refill HP 21 cartridges and refilling HP cartridges as 22 tricolor on our blog.

Whenever any link to download drivers on our site we accompany our link where you can see how to make direct download from the website of the manufacturer in this case HP.

Appears when scanning "the printer is in use or an error"

The Canon printer when sending scan may appear on the computer screen the message "The printer is in use or an error, check the status, the scanner driver is closed" error like this or similarly.

Is not something that we should be alarmed, this happens when communication with the printer from the computer is not performing properly, a possible solution is to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

What to do if the cartridges are new and do not print

If the ink cartridges are used and no printing is not a problem, we can deduce that the ink cartridges are over, who already have filled both have been damaged or clogged, finally, we can think of many things and we rightly used ink cartridges lessens the chance to work perfectly, so use as long as they have in the printer.

The big problem occurs when ink cartridges that have never used not print or prints made with these have a lower quality than any cartridge.

Fix error "to protect equipment windows closed this program"

The printers to communicate with the computer despite needing a USB cable or a wireless connection need the help of a driver, this is who channels and processes the requests we make to the printer from the computer.

If the printer driver is having problems either because they have deleted a file or other reasons when you send a document to print us the message "to protect the windows closed computer program" if this message is the first occurrence take it easy, try to verify if the printer still has the document has tried to print queue and delete.

Remove the error "inactive device" Epson Stylus TX135

The Epson printers are much performance and endurance, as well as any other printer is possible that this present mistakes, we will present how to eliminate the error as when the printer is placed on inactive status, follow the steps below in Failure to achieve contact us solution.

First of all it is important to know whether the printer has problems with the hardware, ie if there is something wrong in the physical part this may include ink cartridge empty jam frequent paper, cartridges improperly installed ink, if so, the printer may turn front flashers.

Tips for scanning documents correctly

The scanner is the tool of the decade in the area of printers, this has shifted the fax as a method for sending documents to a second and positioning first using email, send and receive documents allowing for better and more clarity by other means.

You can scan documents and then edit with the help of the scanner, either an image or text document.

How scan in printer HP Photosmart 5510 series

For this and any equipment manufacturer HP will learn how to scan with the publication as scanning a document, in case not easily, then present a method how to scanner specifically in this equipment with the help of the software or through a buttons on the front panel of the printer.

Both procedures are simple, only needs to read all the information and make procedures as pose.

How Android device scan from printer Brother

Then talk about an application that allows us to ask the printer scanning a wireless, see our device, save it in internal memory and even edit it in our phone or tablet with this operating system.

The application is called Brother iPrint & Scan, available in Spanish and has a great interface for easy use, to obtain the documents from the printer to your device need to connect the printer to your device either through a USB cable or wireless connection.

Set printer Brother DCP-J315W to print via the Wi-fi

We have always featured Manufacturer Brother advances compared to its competitors, such printers with its compact style and good performance in both domestic work as a business has proven very useful for buyers.

Now much of printers such as the DCP-J315W has the type of connection available Wi-Fi, this connection has become one of the most important printers for giving us the flexibility to work anywhere the range that covers this connection, without the need for a cable connected to our computer.

Resolve the error 5200 in Canon MX320 Printer

The error 5200 on Canon printers is when temperature increases the printer when it is actually because of the cartridges temperature increases, either because one of these is out of ink or because they have the head covered.

It is normal for this to happen on printers with systems installed ink dispatched to print and thought hoses ink being printed and is not, then the following procedure is to eliminate this error of these printers indeed very good printers.

Download the printer driver for HP Photosmart D110

The HP Photosmart D110 printers are those with the touch menu, these are a series of multifunction printers that allow us to scan, make copies and print.

They are printers using both black cartridge HP 60 tricolor ink, and our blog as it can get reset them through their paces and procedures.

How scan from printer Brother DCP-J315W

Brother printers as mentioned in previous articles, are of the best printers for domestic and business use, these printers helps the compact form they have and the functions with which they are equipped, one of these functions is the scanner with high resolution sharp and good quality images.

This printers are several ways to scan documents, we can obtain documents and digitized by the button located on the front of the printer in the main menu scanner and the other is using the printer software.

Remove the error printer offline

When this message appears, your printer does not print, you may send any document is spooling fence and get stuck there until you can delete that message and put our printer "list" again.

Resume the printer and print again is a simple process, it is easy also cause the error, you just need to go to settings area of the printer and put the printer offline.

Resolve error compatible ink cartridge in HP Deskjet 2050

You may display on both the printer "if applicable" and the computer screen message "incompatible ink cartridge" appears or may receive the error "problem with the print cartridge" when we are putting a cartridge having no problems, maybe a cartridge've only filled several times, or a cartridge that we bought not long ago.

Manually reset printer Canon BJC-3000 Series

This is a multifunctional of the oldest and revolutionary Canon, in his time were the first printers use ink cartridges independent, is also the first printers to use a separate head shot.

Remove error 1401 in Canon MP230 printer

This error in the Canon MP230 printers usually occurs when you have problems with the ink cartridges, either because they are not well connected to the printer or because the connectors are dirty and not making proper contact.

We constantly blinking in the printer of the alert light and light will stay without blinking. view image...
canon printer error ligth
canon printer error ligth
Before any process is recommended primarily to clean the ink cartridges when we talk about clean we mean clean both cartridge connectors as the connectors on the printer.

Reset cylinder Sharp AL-2050CS copier

Most copiers Sharp AL series to reach the number 15,000 copies we feel the need to change the cylinder unit, the manufacturer of this equipment assumes that you have reached a number of pages in which it is necessary to replace this unit because the quality of the pages will not be the same.

Reset printer Canon PIXMA IP1000

These printers are very good, have a highly economical and durable consumables, printers were the first to use a separate head ink cartridge marked difference Canon printers and users of these printers are grateful for it.

Remove paper jam printers Kyocera FS-1016MFP

All printers have a different procedure to remove a paper jam, just have the same procedure some of the printers series, now introduce the method to do the Kyocera FS-1016MFP printer.

Follow the steps as were raised then if the problem continues contact us.

Important to know:

Paper jams usually occur because of problems with the role, if we use a role that is not using the printer is possible that a paper jam may end even damaging the printer is generated, another thing when above the paper or where is the paper input tray reaches introduced trash or debris dust even insects.

Frequent errors in Epson printers

The Epson printers are very robust and reliable in our list of the best brands of printers are well positioned, like any other brand of printer one other day ends presenting a fair mistake at work.

Types of paper path printers

When we buy a printer, there are some details that we miss these details can affect or improve the final result are printed documents, who say that the paper path is an important aspect in the printer.

The truth is that everything is important, remember that a printer costs money and everything that has to do with money we have to take it seriously, then do a short description of who are the types of courses and how they directly affect the printed pages, the reason for all and cons.

How to select the correct ink jet printer

The inkjet printers are the most affordable we can get to our office or household, but in reality we are buying the right printer.

We all know that a good printer more than anything makes the owner, ie if the person buying the printer, is acquiring the team that actually goes with his need this to last much longer, so it is recommended actually know what printers are there and if you have a company analyze the printers that are useful for a company.

Printers with multiple ink cartridges systems

Printing ink cartridges can be more complex than it seems in laser printers can find up to four colors and a minimum of one as is the case of monochrome printers.

In inkjet printers we can get eight or more in one printer cartridges depending on which operation of the printer.

Ways to connect a printer to the computer

When we buy a printer the first thing to investigate is for the need and printer need, there may be several types of printers that we like or fill our need, whatever our decision to end need to communicate the printer to the computer need to know how we will connect it to the computer and types of connections exist.

That means the Energy Star label on the printer

It is possible that at some point we come to ask for serving a seal with most printers which has the letters "Energy Star" largely printers more bring this label are laser printers, which have in part front of the printer. view image...
energy star logo
energy star logo
Energy Star is a program of the department of environmental protection in the United States (EPA) and the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to help protect the environment by using products with low electricity consumption.

Using products with this logo and save power consumption of these devices is minimal and moderate. Many household consumption have this patent.

Which means "toner save mode"

Few people know the meaning of "saving toner" mode even few people know as savings enabled mode to laserjet printers, buying toner cartridges is a very high price that is sometimes difficult to be bought, there is a way we can make an adjustment to our printer and that render us about 30% more on pages.

What is the name of the colors used cartridges

The base color printer is four cyan, magenta, yellow and black, these colors are not what they may seem, for example appear yellow, red, blue and black.

How to request warranty of printer in HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Consumers should claim the warranty of the purchased products no matter what the manufacturer, through the guarantee if our team suffers defects before the stipulated time is that we can manage a repair or replacement of the item paid.

An important point is to identify whether your product is still under warranty time giving us the manufacturer, manufacturers can give to a printer approximately one to two years to verify an HP warranty visit the verification link HP warranty.

What are the pads on the printer

The inkjet printer ink spilled on the left side of the printer, imagine that all the ink spilled fall just above the printer only the shell of the printer, this is not tight around his body so we will immediately spill large scale ink, ink may be filled in the table that have the printer.

Convert toner 35a to 85a applying a cut

Whatever our need to use a toner 35a on a printer that uses 85a is possible and can be very useful when you accidentally have bought a toner is not, or we have run out of toner and have one saved but number different.

Errors popular printers Konica-Minolta

Konica-Minolta is characterized to create multifunctional printers printer, and its much color laser printers in its much these printers is used by graphic designers.

Here is a list of possible errors that may occur multifunction printers of this type, if these codes do not get a contact technical support solution.
Display MessageMessage MeaningSolution
Close printer coverThe printer cover is open.Close the printer covers.
Paperless - paper refillNo paper.Load paper in the input tray.
Paper jam - Remove paperThe paper has jammed near the inbox.Remove the paper jam.
Paper Jam NB 2 - Remove PaperPaper is jammed in the center of the machine.Open the front panel and remove the paper jam.
Paper jam NB3 - Remove PaperThe paper has jammed near the output tray.Remove the paper jam.
Check the printer: 01 - Device ResetThe fuser temperature is too high.Allow the printer to cool down and try printing again. If it is still overheating, adjust the fuser temperature if possible.
Check the printer: 02 - Device ResetThe fuser temperature is too low.Adjust the temperature of the printer fuser if possible. If not, please contact technical support.
Check the printer: 04 - Device ResetThere is an error with the engine.Please contact technical support.
Check the printer: 05 - Device ResetThe laser is not properly aligned or synchronized.Please contact technical support.
Paper Size - Paper ReplaceThe paper size does not match the configuration.Change the print settings or paper type.
Calefacción - Please WaitThe printer is warming up.Wait for the printer to finish warming.
Insert Toner - Toner LowThe toner cartridge is running low on toner.Remove and shake the cartridge to redistribute the toner or replace laKonica-Minolta toner cartridge if still not working correctly.
22 Lift the main trayThe media tray is overloaded.Remove some of the media in the media tray.
16 Forward Rot BeltThe transfer belt is rotating during print jobs.Make sure the transfer belt moves during printing. If you are locked into place, contact technical support.

Some of these problems are easy to solve for a normal user, if it is a more special case contact the technical service of Konica in your region.

How to know where the colors of tricolor cartridges are HP

A tricolor ink cartridge as the name says has three colors inside, magenta, cyan and yellow, those at the top have a label indicating the number of the cartridge and the colors that it has, can not be swayed by the sequence is labeled.

That time it takes to dry the ink cartridge

The components used ink cartridges, one party is so it does not dry quickly. Instead another component that uses the same ink is to dry quickly, of course when this outdoor fast drying possibilities increase, saying when outdoors does not remove the possibility that a cartridge dry completely inside the package original manufacturer.

The question is How quickly dry a cartridge in the original packaging?.

How scan in multifuntional printer HP Officejet 4500

The HP Officejet 4500 multifunction printer is best left today, this is a cartridge that yields to around 210 pages in black and about the same amount of color.

Which printer to use for an Internet center

This case is similar to buying a printer for businesses, because of the number of pages that need to print daily, the bigger is our need or more pages need to print we meet higher performance must be our printer.

An Internet center is a place where people go to connect to a computer either chatting, searching information, even make their homework in most cases customers will need to print documents.

How to scan a document in Windows 8

Scan a document in these days is one of the tools most used to send a scan of a file that have physical.

he fax has been overshadowed, this is due to the ease that gives the scanner and choose the format you want to scan, resolution even edit the document after scanning.

How see the ink levels in HP Officejet 4500

View ink levels is a very important utility printer when you are constantly working, thanks to this tool we can see how much is left for the ink cartridges that we are using.

It should be clear to see the ink levels not work when we filled ink cartridges above, can only see the amount of ink remaining in the original new cartridges because as you know manufactures printers have a counter of pages that is activated or returns to zero when a new cartridge is installed.

That printers use in companies

A company requires many printed pages per month, this means having a tough printer and it is not a problem or force the printer when you send a lot of pages for her.

When selecting the printer is recommended to know what types of printers in the world.

Solution to error Kyocera-Mita printers

The Kyocera-Mita printers are normally used for office use, do not have much marketing but are very durable and economical printers.

They are mostly toner printers, and business strengths to work without any problem.

What is DPI in the printer

This term is part of the specifications of a printer and we need to know before buying a printer. Some buyers know that we speak but some other consumers do not know, these terms are important to know them to know that we are buying.

The DPI on a printer is the meaning of "Dots per inch" in Spanish means "Points per inch" in conclusion is the number of points that are printed in a square inch on the page.

Download driver printer HP Deskjet F4480

The HP Deskjet F4480 printer as mentioned in this blog, "are the latest printers that can be bought to yield the stuffed" all thanks to the cartridges 901 black and 901 tricolor.

Which by the way these cartridges are very expensive, so we have created our publication as refill cartridges hp 901 black and as refill cartridges hp 901 tricolor.

What is the best brand of printer?

You may know that printer need, but do not know which brand to buy, chew all printers have the same types of printers, similar to many factors.

How to increase the durability of inkjet printer

Depends what the use that we give to our printer, depends how long this lasts, normally inkjet printers are created for domestic use or micro-enterprise.

The durability of this printer is small, but if we give the treatment and proper maintenance for the printer, it's able to use a long time.

Program for reset the printer Epson Stylus C92

This printer uses DURABrite cartridges, can print photos and documents of high quality, with individual ink cartridges epson, this printer can print paper sizes Letter, Legal (21,6 x 35,6cm), A4, B5, A5, A6, report, executive, statement, user-defined: (8.9 to 21.6 cm) x (8.9 to 111,7cm) Envelopes: No. 10, DL, C6 and is compatible with operating systems * Windows 98SE, Me *, 2000, XP, and Vista Edition XPx64 Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later uses four individual ink cartridges, the following numbering.
Epson cyan Cartridge 73
Epson magenta Cartridge 73
Epson yellow Cartridge 73
Epson black Cartridge 90