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Advantages and disadvantages of cleaning head

Make cleaning head can be a very helpful tool for printers that have this feature, it helps to keep good print quality and printer in perfect condition.

Most printers have a way to make head or injector cleaning, document ourselves well enough either looking on the internet or by manual supplied by the manufacturer.
epson head printing
epson head printing
This tool can also be a mixed blessing if we do not use it properly, it usually consumes a lot of ink, even when a head cleaning is executed decreases the amount of pages available for printing.

Normally printers that have counter product in its software, when we head cleaning eliminates most of the pages available for printing, all because the printer assumes that you have spent a lot of ink, as we know the cartridge is a predetermined amount of ink into the cartridge to print a number of pages specified.

Advantages of cleaning the printhead

It is normal every time, when we consider that the printer has decreased print quality make cleaning the head. It's good for the quality of the documents, is the most important for printer maintenance parts, is recommended even though the printer do not need it.

According to manufacturers, head cleaning makes the ink nozzle through a lot of ink simultaneously serves to clean any residue of ink remaining, which over time tends to clog the heads and get pages of very poor quality.

A system independent head ink cartridges more often requires the use of head cleaning, as these are more easily damaged, are independent of the ink cartridge and there all the time moving through the injectors.

If you come to remove an ink cartridge, it is recommended before use when replacing perform head cleaning, so long without ink head can oxidize the system or can be dried an amount of ink will become seal that will not allow Ink pass easily.

Disadvantages of cleaning the printhead

The main disadvantage of this tool is the consumption of ink, not so much ink consumed if no ink the printer system supposed to consume, unless you have a printer with adapting ink system, it is recommended to avoid head cleaning as much as possible.

Cases like buying a replacement cartridges, making only two cleanings head and having to replace the cartridges that are empty will be repeated several times.

Doing so active head cleanings fail printers called "full pads deposits", just as printers consider actually made a big ink consumption by cleaning the heads, and the number of pages that correspond replacement pads, accelerates this process.

The cleaning head is a tool that is needed, greatly helps print quality and can even save a printer, the recommendation is to use it whenever a need for the simple fact that a product does not have the quality we seek not have to make a head cleaning may be necessary to replace the cartridge or change the print settings from your order can be done in moderation can go really expensive.


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