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Appears when scanning "the printer is in use or an error"

The Canon printer when sending scan may appear on the computer screen the message "The printer is in use or an error, check the status, the scanner driver is closed" error like this or similarly.

Is not something that we should be alarmed, this happens when communication with the printer from the computer is not performing properly, a possible solution is to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.
It may take this because you use the Windows 7 operating system and this system does not support the scanner drivers from the Canon printer you are using.

We recommend you connect the printer and let the Windows Plug and Play Tool detects the hardware and install the update from the Internet.

In case you do not get full or scanner printer on the network drivers, use the process for downloading drivers of Internet Canon printers, make a download of complete controllers, these will get accessories for the scanner, which can be used as driver updater when you look in the device manager the printer, installing through decompression and updating drivers.

If this method does not solve your need, do your best to contact Canon support.


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