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As emptying a continuous ink system

Remove all the ink of a continuous ink system is not a difficult job if we have the tools and knowledge to do so.

Simply to empty all the ink of a vast system not flip an ink tank and this comes out completely. In this publication we will talk about a very practical and easy to remove all ink from one of these packages without spilling a lot of ink or damage other colors tool.
For reasons that have to empty a tank of continuous ink system are: this has long unused and ink inside the tank is old and defective, because it has entered an object of ink and possibly clogging in the future, or because we put ink on inadequate or misplaced tank.

For the following procedure need an empty syringe, this must not have the front and not need the needle of the syringe.

Below you will see a picture with the way we have our syringe to make the function, we use the same hose that bring the ink cartridge ink for this get the ink from the tanks.
ink bleeding system
ink bleeding system
We make this process until the ink down completely into the syringe, in full, if possible, and so we can clean the ink tank, for it may use alcohol, and then add water and bring the water with the same form.

If we do the cleaning of all tanks will not need to buy a syringe for each tank, as we see not the ink tanks are ligated, it is recommended to do it slowly, it is necessary to remove the filters ink system, and whether this this covered also remove the caps ink system.


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