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As unclog Epson printers heads at home

The big disadvantage of the printers that use cartridges without integrated print heads when the heads are covered, is no mean cartridges having the integrated header and no cartridges have no head.

This is the case of the individual cartridges for Epson printers, looking in Internet've got a method to uncover the heads of Epson printers.
Try this method after trying to uncover the heads using the Epson system, both in the normal manner as head cleaning thoroughly.

We will need a number of accessories to make this process we can get at home, others may need to look like or buy elsewhere.

  • Need to supply about 60 ml of ascetic acid.
  • 60 ml of isopropyl alcohol. (this is the spirit we used to heal wounds)
  • 10 ml of glycerine.
Acetic acid we can get photos studies, usually used as a basis for image setters, if you know a person related to the area that can help you get this acid.

Isopropyl alcohol is easier to get all these supplements, because this is in any pharmacy, it is used to inject moments of a person, or for wound healing.

Glycerin this we can get in pharmacies same way as alcohol, this is used to make soaps, if you know of any courses that are giving on how to make soap or a person having to do with this area can help. This must be liquid.

Warning: Be very careful with much of all these ingredients as they can be very damaging, both for respiration to the eyes, avoid the maximum fall in his eyes. It is recommended not to do around children and other people in an open place with room to spare.

Try to get an IV, this is a hose such as continuous ink systems, only this is used to supply liquid medications, cut the considerable amount and connected to a syringe. This then has to be connected to the heads.
venoclisis to uncover head epson
venoclisis to uncover head epson
When we have already cut a considerable amount connect it to a 60 ml syringe approaching this will put our liquid, put the syringe that has no air, and connect to the part where the head cartridge comes in. Look no exhaust air, we get head air and then strongly supply the liquid to the head. view image...
how to connect the infusion
how to connect the infusion
We supply the head about 10 ml of ink only, to give us the opportunity to repeat the process as many times as necessary, put the cartridges immediately finished with the process and can make a cleaning process with the printer using the software printer.

When the process is finished, clean the connectors both heads as the ink cartridge to prevent these will not be recognized by the printer, apply the process to the heads as necessary.

Do not replace the ingredients mentioned for the liquid can damage the cartridges, not hot as this may damage the head, another thing to consider is mix well. If you need some help please contact us, we will gladly help you.


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