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Because HP 122 ink cartridges are damaged faster

The question should be that the HP 122 ink cartridge lasts as long, if only this has within "2 ml of ink," the same manufacturer of these cartridges is warning consumers that when the ink cartridges are running low can burn connectors, when an ink cartridge connectors burn this is useless, only has a printer error and we have the option of throwing it away.

Cartridges HP 122 ink despite using only 2 ml of ink have a large portion of the entire space where the sponge that does not work is going, ie has a large part of space without sponge inside the cartridge, this may take the cartridge to burn easily.
What is said that the ink cartridge when it reaches a number of pages is burned, it may be a myth, but the reality is that if we combine a few factors can have a conclusion that manufacturers contribute to ink cartridges burn before we can fill.

For example, we know that an ink cartridge ink printing without or with very little ink can burn, despite the ink used to print serves to dissipate heat receiving connectors cartridge carriage to the substance of the ink is dispersed and print much with so little ink.

The manufacturer when installing the drivers for the first time, we install a software they call HP Solution Center, which supposedly will help us manage our printer performance and manage more easily including, this software includes a count of pages that indicates when the ink cartridges are running low.

Our conclusion is a question What really manufacturers indicate when the cartridge is running out? or leave this runs out and tells us that we still have ink is a simple way to analyze this question many readers ask and even ourselves, it is not possible for a company to come to consider a sector such as Latin America for which it has been created exclusively this cartridge not able to receive the same amount they receive cartridges in the United States for the same printers.

We recommend reading our publication the real secret of the HP 122 cartridges, explaining that these cartridges are made only for Latin America and the world cartridges compatible with the same printers but the United States, Europe version are not compatible with printers in our region.


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