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Because the printer does not print in black

If our home printer or job printing everything but the places where black ink appears we have problems with this cartridge are many reasons why this error may occur, the most common is that this ink cartridge is empty if you refill the ink cartridge is time to do it or buy new original cartridges ink go to a store and buy the cartridge.

A empty black ink cartridge allows the other color cartridge to print without error in some cases, we realize that the black ink cartridge is not printing when where must appear black lettering, black parts of an image or work not appear and white paper comes out completely emptied an ink cartridge has great potential to be damaged or cause damage to the printer, it is recommended to replace or fill quickly.

Another simple reason that black ink cartridge will not print, it is because this covered, this is normal and occurs in most cases we can not print in black, so we recommend at least try the procedure has result many readers of this blog, and uncover the cartridge in my own home.

Simplest is still something that happens to cartridges that new originals to buy, or can also be cartridges that are carried fill to a specialized center filling, is the protective tape from the connectors, this is we can forget in some cases and cause completely blank pages when printing, it is recommended to detach completely before putting the cartridge to the printer.

If the printer is very old may occur if not print in black and we do not have an explanation of the possible age of the printer reaches cause problems with the printer and this can damage the printer connectors that contact the ink cartridge.

Know that a damaged ink cartridge, ie burnt connectors or incompatibility not come to print blank pages because immediately put to the printer this submit a bug that will not let us print or a page.


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