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Because the printer does not recognize the generic cartridges

There are different types of generic to know the cartridges because the printer does not recognize this type of cartridge have to know what kind of generic cartridge are using first.

A generic cartridge is a cartridge type that is not original and is brand new never used or could be a generic type dependent remanufactured cartridge, these are original new cartridges were used and sold are filled tested and sold as used cartridges.
The type of cartridge remanufacturing is often present problems more often, may be for evil remanufacturing process or because it has problems in the circuit of the cartridges.

The fact is that the solution is simple with these products, if we buy a new generic ink cartridge but not the mark of the manufacturer of the printer have a money back guarantee 100%, since normally the cost of these items is minimal both acquisition for use in printer and inventory ie the cost of those who buy to sell to customers is not much.

If a generic cartridge gives problems since it connects to the printer is recommended that you contact the person who sold him the cartridge, it has to seek immediate solution either replacing the cartridge trouble as refunding the money.

Who sells the cartridges in the form of check that you have not used this cartridge, do not waste time trying to solve the problem and let the problem really belongs to whom.

If the cartridge you have purchased is a remanufactured cartridge, as we said before these types of cartridges are those filled and sell used customers, much less with this attempt to solve the problem take the cartridge who would has sold this article and ask for a refund or replacement.

If you have purchased these items online find ways to develop a process claim, either via the payment processor and issuer of the credit card or the same system that uses electronic sales who sold him. If unable to obtain a refund or replacement of goods connectors try cleaning the cartridges.


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