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Benefits and disadvantages of installing a continuous ink system

In our blog we have made several publications both criticizing and speaking well of ink systems, but really what is a continuous ink system?

It is an adaptation of external tanks connected to the ink cartridges through a hose that allows us to save money on our impressions.
You can see more on our components publishing a continuous ink system, the experience you get from continuous ink system depends on some important factors in the functioning of the system is installing the printer type, the cartridge you use the printer, the ink we use among others.

This means that if you are interested in making the purchase of a printer with continuous ink system note that there are advantages and disadvantages.

We list below the advantages of using a continuous ink system:

  • Save: If we have a printer with ink system running smoothly can save a lot of money compared to buying new original cartridges even save more money by filling our ink cartridges.
  • Compared to fill our ink cartridges, the advantage is that we will not need to fill our hands frequently to refill a cartridge.
  • Printers with continuous ink system can send to print a considerable amount of pages without worry we will stay out of ink because we can see the available ink tanks.
  • Colors will always perform good quality when printing from a printer with continuous ink system, the cartridge is constantly supplied with ink directly from the tanks.
As we have seen there are advantages to consider when buying a printer with continuous ink system, but not everything is rosy color, there are even more disadvantages to consider when buying a printer with continuous ink system, as we have said earlier this disadvantages decrease when the installation is done by a professional in the area.
  • A major disadvantage is that the hoses carrying the ink from the ink tank cartridge becomes empty, it causes burning the ink cartridge connectors.
  • Another small problem that often occurs in continuous ink systems is that the ink cartridges are capped due to the constancy of ink that they receive.
  • Spill the Ink Cartridges is caused by poor installation of the ink disadvantage or that this this a little higher than normal compared with the carrier cartridge carriage.
  • Common errors in printers, this is normal and is an automatic printer, example printers with ink systems continue to have the opportunity to make mistakes related to the installation when the system stops spending ink ink cartridges, if ink system hoses stuck conveyor cartridge carriage error appears even when the printer has printed many pages could say more exaggerated the number of pages to the printer next submit an error.
  • A very unfortunate downside for us is having a continuous ink system eliminates the possibility of obtaining immediate guarantee printer manufacturer.
  • We can not install the ink systems all printers, or rather all ink cartridges, we have emphasized a lot to actually running good or bad depends on printer cartridges. Similarly noteworthy that the smooth running of a continuous ink system depend on what type of cartridge use our printer.
As we've seen a lot of disadvantages, we can not consider a continuous ink system is a bad investment, with the information we have supplied can use it as a framework for example.


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