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Canon printer prints two pages fast in white

The Canon printers with continuous ink system printers are like most consumers, all for the chance to save a lot of money on printed pages and strength of these teams this adaptation.

If an installation is done badly may eventually start to have problems, even while or rather on short ink system installed can present problems immediately.
An error that appears when printers with continuous ink system is left very short hoses system that prints two pages very fast completely blank and then leaves the third jammed page.

The case is that when the carriage with cartridges comes to one side of the printer is touch a sensor indicating "must return again to the other" if hoses continuous ink system does not allow this process because it limits space, the sensor simply not activated.

This dislocates the printer operation and fast obtain two blank pages and a jammed page, the solution to this problem is to verify that both ink system hose stretches when the head goes to one side "usually the left side of the printer" put a little more distance hoses, turn off and turn on the printer.

After reboot check if the printer is now completely hits the left, send a document to print and hope this comes out completely, we follow up to see if you need more distance hose printer.

"Even if we know how to leave the cover open much better printer" This usually happens in most Canon printers to be installed continuous ink system, if you have sold an ink system not long ago, claiming the seller and say the error is happening for the printer and is after installing the system, do not allow this tells you is the fault of the printer prompted to remove the hoses and test if the problem continues.


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