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Change HP printer of using 61 ink cartridges to 122 cartridges

We have seen in our publication the real secret of 122 hp cartridges, the rate at which the cartridges are manufactured today, depending what the region is that we use a cartridge.

Some regions are more privileged than others as it will get more pages, just like in real life but now passed to the world of printers.
The ink cartridges hp 61 are made for use in the United States and ink cartridges hp 122 are made for use in all Latin America, the latter are less performance and endurance that hp 61, the case is compatible with the same printers but if we put a cartridge in another printer that will give us error incompatible cartridge.

There is a way to possibly solve this problem and we can use a printer that previously used the hp 61 cartridge to using the hp 122 cartridge with a little intelligence and analysis may use the ink cartridge 61 cartridges to using a 122 hp is what we would like.

The process is download drivers full of the printer you are using, and uninstall the ones you have if these are simple, but have the drivers full as convenient to download the drivers that are on the website, as I understand these are possible since they have a special update for this process.

Already without the drivers installed on the printer installed that have downloaded, remember that this whole process of uninstalling and installing'll have to do without the printer connected to the USB cable.

With both ink cartridges 61 as the ink cartridge 122 "which will use from now on" call HP support in the region we are.

It defaults to the country of Spain appear in the bottom of the left page will click where is the flag of Spain and a menu of countries that are available to contact appear.

HP Support will tell you that we need to regionalize the printer these ask us any information about the printer and contact information to call them again, thereafter follow the process support technicians will dirán.

You will be asked team information as serial number, serial number and model of the printer, this information can be obtained in our publication that talks about getting warranty with HP.


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