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Choose between laser and inkjet printer

If you read this blog often, you can reach a fast conclusion to this question, and then also we will present some options that will help us to select one printer or another.

The most important thing it is what for we need the printer as we propose in our publication printer types that exist, each printer has a function, in this case we have to choose a printer based on the type of technology it uses to print.
This greatly influences the need for printers, laser printers are usually printers for a more dramatic and more consistently uses they are made for been used  in offices, businesses and industries.

The fact is that laser printers give us the facility to print a lot of pages without modification of the consumable, they can be more expensive at the moment of the purchase of the consumable but in long term we get a lowest cost per page than with an ink inkjet printer.

In contrast the inkjet printers are a bit faster printers and of the consumable acquisition in this case ink cartridge it is cheaper, the use of this type of printers is usually domestic and micro-enterprise, something like a small office or lawyers etc.

Instead these printers lifetime and what is called duty cycle is less than lasers mostly. So in conclusion it is recommended to analyze how many pages will be our consumption and foremost see the information supplied by the printer manual, since we this one we can know what we can do with the printer and how we do it.

Also try to get two pages, one inkjet and laser technology make a comparison and knows what quality you want for your prints, since the laser-printers usually give better quality and durability to documents.


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