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Choose from ink system or refillable cartridges

We will limit the terms of the Epson and Brother printers as these are the two printers where we can buy refillable ink cartridges, HP also manufacturer but rarely.

To choose ink system or refillable cartridges? for those who do not refillable ink cartridges are cartridges that have no sponge inside and ease of refilling even syringes without needles.
These cartridges are mostly made in China and allow us to obtain the same quality as a new cartridge original ink, the trick is to use these cartridges with printers that have head separate ink.

Such as printers Brother, Epson and HP as designjet some are very cheap these cartridges, and at least in Latin America are hard to come by, the advantage of these cartridges compared with continuous ink systems is the dependence of hoses, do the same function ink system but have no external connection that may cause a paper jam.
refillable ink cartridges
refillable ink cartridges
These cartridges have an ink supply hole and one hole to allow air to enter and exit the ink, the drawback of these cartridges, at least in the case of Epson printer is not equipped with a system reset, as you know when you print a lot of pages the printer may need a reset and unfortunately with resettable cartridges'll have to find a way how to manually reset the printer.

Another factor that takes away points to these cartridges compared to continuous ink systems is that we feel the need to remove and replace the cartridges every time we have to fill, as you know printers may be de-programmed and begin errors appear, instead the ink system can remain much time online.

In the other corner is the continuous ink system which as everyone knows is a tool that allows us as users constantly reprinted without the need to change the cartridge, will be supplying the ink cartridges through some hoses and a few tanks of ink have the outside printer inks.

Something that does not help the ink systems is hoses, these are usually a problem to short to long use of the equipment, may even damage the printer, but especially if an installation is not done with quality, whether hoses are not correctly installed, you can have the printer paper jam herself.
continuous ink system
continuous ink system
A major advantage of the system is that we can see when ink is running low, this helps protect both the head and the cartridge itself, and especially if a printer Epson or Brother printers, including any printer that uses ink head Independent arrive someday to have no ink in the head and take air may damage the operation and cover.

We can adapt systems of ink to a lot of printers for which there are no cartridges without sponge inside, ink systems allow us to adapt even ink cartridges that have integrated head, as is the great success of the adaptation system Canon ink printers ink cartridge 210 and 211.

This and other reasons are those that can be used to differentiate these two tools that have become great allies to printers, you as a consumer chooses which is the printer that best suits you, remember to always buy printers based on the need you have.


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