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Clean the printheads on HP Business Inkjet 1200

Clean the printheads is a process that helps improve the quality of results, if we are getting blurred pages or documents with stripes is recommended to clean the printhead, usually this type of printer serial Business Inkjet, it is good to do after filling the ink cartridges, the printer uses pigment inks.

When we make the process of cleaning the printheads this consumes a lot of ink, the printer does not allow the head cleaning when ink levels are low, it is recommended to do this process with new cartridges.
Follow the procedure below if you need help please contact us, we will gladly help you.

  • With the printer needs to stop down the power button, this button and the process then you can do several head cleaning, when making the first continued with the next after verifying the quality, if you need better quality. Just do the following processes if necessary, perform head cleaning often generates much ink waste.
  • With the power button pressed, you press the cancel button twice. This is the first head cleaning process, if the result does not see fit to continue with others.
  • The second process for cleaning the heads likewise have to let down the power button, and only now will press twice followed the cancel button. If the result is not to your liking follow the procedures
  • For the third cleaning process, we must do the same procedure with the power button, press twice pressed the cancel button followed by two presses of the button to resume.
  • Release the button to turn the printer starts a cleaning process.
After head cleaning is recommended that you print a test page, or print a configuration page will be described below as print a configuration page.

In the printer properties click the printer status and then click Ink cartridge information and then click Print.

You will get a page where you will receive detailed information of the state of the cartridges and printer. see picture below...
configuration page business inkjet
configuration page business inkjet
  1. Find printer information, version, model name and number memory.
  2. The estimated ink levels. if the cartridge is refilled ink levels is zero.
  3. Displays information from the head and replace it if necessary.
  4. All events with the printer, such as changing cartridges amount of pages among other shows.


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